Who invented the bicycle

"Do not reinvent the wheel!" - Surely you have heard thisPhrase and even even to pronounce it. When they say so, they usually want to emphasize the simplicity of the case, when any deviations only complicate, but in no way accelerate its process. But, paradoxically, we know very little about the invention of a bicycle. For example, you know, in what year did they invent a bicycle? Probably not. And who invented the first bicycle? Do not you know? Then our article is for you!

As they say in a famous saying,It's never too late to learn. And it's not a shame to not know something, it's shameful not to want to learn something new. Therefore, we will talk about a very simple and very complicated device - a bicycle.

Who invented the bike first?

We immediately rush to debunk one common myth. The bike was invented not by Leonardo da Vinci. The famous figure, which allegedly belongs to the brush of Leonardo, in fact is not.

Also, there was no confirmation of the legend that the bicycle was invented by the peasant Artamonov, and that he is still kept in one of the museums of Nizhny Tagil.

In fact, the bicycle, in the modern sense of the word, was invented not immediately. His improvement was at least 3 stages.

In 1817, the German professor Baron Carl vonDrez invented something like a scooter. It consisted of 2 wheels and was called the "Walking Machine". And later compatriots nicknamed this scooter a trolley (in honor of the inventor Dreza). In 1818, Baron Karl von Dres patented his invention. When they learned about the scooter in the UK, he was nicknamed "dandy-horz". In 1839-1840 in a small town in the south of Scotland the blacksmith Kirkpatrick Macmillan perfected the walking machine, adding pedals and a saddle to it. McMillan's bicycle was very similar to a modern bicycle. The pedals had to be pushed, they in turn rotated the rear wheel, and the front one could be turned using the steering wheel. For reasons unknown to us, the invention of Kirkpatrick MacMillan remained little-known, and was soon forgotten about him.

In 1862, Pierre Lalman decided to add to the "dandy"Chorus "pedals (Pierre did not know anything about the invention of Macmillan). And in 1863 he realized his idea. His product is considered by many to be the world's first bicycle, and Lalman, respectively, the creator of the first bicycle.

Question "Who invented the first bicycle?" Invariably engenders another, no less interesting"When it was invented?" The year of the invention of the bicycle can be considered also in 1817, a "walking machine" was invented in the year 1840 and 1862. But there is another date related to the invention of the bicycle - in 1866, when Lalman's bicycle was patented.

Since then, the bicycle has been improving with eachYear. The materials from which the bicycle was made, the structure itself, as well as the diameters and the ratios of the wheel sizes changed. However, a substantially modern bicycle is not much different from the Lalman bicycle.

Where did they invent the bicycle?

If we assume that the first bicycle was invented by PierreLalman, then the birthplace of the bicycle is France. However, the Germans used to believe that the bicycle was invented in their homeland. In part this is also true, because if there had been no invention of Baron Carl von Dres, Lalman would not have thought

Why reinvent the wheel?

Improve it. </ P>

But about Scotland, do not forget. The prototype of the bicycle, designed by Kirkpatrick Macmillan, in fact, differed little from the invention of Pierre Lalman.

"Why reinvent the wheel?"

This expression has become a part of our vocabulary. When it is pronounced, they mean useless works on the creation of something that has long been known to everyone. Expressions of this kind are used in many countries. But, interestingly, the mention of a bicycle is characteristic only of post-Soviet countries. And why do we have such a love for bicycles?