In today's world, full of movement and haste,Many people prefer active rest passive. It is clear that it's much easier to lie on the couch in front of the TV than to do physical labor. Easier then it is easier, but is it more useful? Active rest tempers the body and gives it strength, and resting passively, a person becomes inactive and naturally all sores get out.

Active rest - what is it?

Active rest is a kind of recreation, in whichA person can lose the burden of accumulated fatigue with the help of physical exercises. Many can say that they get tired at work even without active rest, and it's easier and more pleasant for them to spend time at home, doing what they like. Scientists have long proven that with active rest a person regains his strength many times faster and all systems start working without interruption.

Active rest - pluses

Pluses of active recreation a huge amount,It is especially important that it is useful at any age and the number of its species pleases its abundance. Active leisure in nature is one of the most useful and pleasant, and the advantages of it are much greater.

  1. Active rest and sports, first of all,Contribute to the release of such an important hormone for our body - adrenaline. He has the strongest fat burning property, which allows the body to get rid of unnecessary "burden".
  2. This type of rest helps to increase the person's physical activity and improve the form. Hence the excellent mood for the whole working week, and as a pleasant bonus - muscle tone and beautiful body.
  3. Diversity. There are a lot of kinds of recreation, and no matter if you are young or old, there is always the opportunity to choose what you like. If your goal - to get a big dose of adrenaline - get involved in extreme sports.


Disadvantages of active rest

The main, and, perhaps, the only drawbackIndisputably are - the dangers of active recreation. While engaging in physical activity, there is always a risk of injury, especially in active winter rest, but if you follow the precautionary measures and do not overdo it, you can do without the lamentable consequences, having received only a good mood and a charge of energy for a long time.

Active rest - types

If you decide to take an active vacation, then youIt is necessary, first of all, to decide what attracts you more - nature, speed, water or walking outdoors. In choosing the type of sport and recreation you are interested in, a huge number of offers are open for you to view below.

Types of outdoor activities

The most popular types of outdoor activities:

1. Surfing. This species is suitable for energetic young and old people who are not afraid to face the danger face to face. The dose of adrenaline and unforgettable sensations are assured.

Where to spend an active holiday

2. Hunting. This kind is suitable for men who are tiredFrom everyday routine work and dream to visit nature. What can be more pleasant than the smell of grass and the anticipation of the approaching game. Why do not you do it in your spare time?

Active winter holidays

3. Fishing. For many, the most pleasant form of recreation, after all, soIt is good to sit in the fresh air near the quietly swaying water, and immerse yourself in your thoughts. Family active recreation - fishing, it is considered family because it is more pleasant for the whole family to fish.

Leisure activities

4. Cycling. By right is one of the accessible and popular sports. Do you need a lot of desire and a bicycle. And now you are already driving along the fresh air in a pleasant company of friends.

Types of outdoor activities

Tourism. Unity with nature away from the benefits of civilization -Accessible for all rest. To feel like "robinsons", spending time in the forest wilderness on the shore of the reservoir, or somewhere in the mountains will help to relax both the soul and the body, while receiving a colossal charge of positive energy.

Unusual active recreation

Ideas for active rest

Ideas are really huge, and with everyoneIn the daytime there are more and more of them. Gather your friends and discuss what you would like to do. It is much more pleasant to spend time with benefit in a pleasant company. To make it easier for you to choose the most interesting activity, we have prepared a list of interesting ideas for recreation.

Where to spend an active holiday?

One of the most popular destinations in active leisure:

1. Paintball - a cheerful team game using markers (balls with paint), which you need to mark (shoot) rivals. This is a useful, active and memorable sport.

Outdoor activities

2. Climbing Wall - is considered a dangerous form of recreation. But if you are not afraid of heights and are willing to spend an interesting time - forward to conquering new peaks.

What kind of outdoor activities to choose

3. Skydiving - a very extreme sport. It is worth trying those who are tired and looking for thrills. This is a bright and memorable for the rest of my life.

Unusual active rest

Diving. See the beauty of the underwater world not only on the oceans and seas. The river and lake underwater environment is also quite interesting and attractive.

Active holiday what is it

Rafting. For extreme lovers, the descent perfectly suitsOn mountain rivers on inflatable boats, however, it is not recommended to float independently on stormy waters - there are special firms that provide experienced instructors and organize a safe rest.

Outdoor activities3

ATV Riding. This kind of entertainment is suitable for those who have reached adulthood, with the fact that the right to ride on this extreme form of transport is not necessary.

Active rest4

Snowmobile trips. Winter alternative to ATV - snowmobiling. Admire the winter beauty can be either with an instructor or without, depending on the availability of skills and means.

Family activity

Unusual active rest

Unusual activities are directed moreOn people who want to feel the taste of life and understand why they need it at all. Many are looking for additional or radically new sources of impressions and adrenaline, someone is paying tribute to fashion. Anyway, but the types of outdoor activities offered below, will please many fans of all unusual, interesting and exciting.

Aerodynamic tube. What an active holiday to choose - tryTo fly in a wind tunnel. This type of recreation is new and least secure. Before the flight you will undergo training and you will be provided with special equipment. Especially, during the whole flight session there will be instructors nearby.

Dangers of productive leisure

Speleotourism. A new type of recreation for mountain loversIs to explore the caves. Especially attracted by fans to actively rest caves with lakes, which can not be compared to anything in their beauty.


Safari. This kind is considered to be exotic, but inOur latitudes there are places for safaris that will offer to enjoy the life of wild animals in their natural habitat. By the way, for this it is not necessary to hunt, as many people mistakenly believe.

Outdoor activities2

Hot Air Ballooning. This entertainment, although expensive, but it's worth it. Many people dream of seeing the earth from a bird's eye view, but not everyone has the courage to do it.

Active rest1