How to learn rollerblading

The question of how to learn how to ride a roller,Interests the most different age categories of people. Still, commercials in our time - a fairly fashionable type of outdoor activities, as evidenced by a lot of indoor rollerdromes and skating grounds.

Where to learn rollerblading?

Given our harsh reality and the fact thatAsphalt is not always perfectly smooth, the best option is to teach skating in an indoor rollerdrome, where the floor is perfectly smooth and there are no obstacles.

How to learn to ride a roller?

First you need to master the starting position. So, you put on videos, knee pads, elbow pads and other protection elements. Do not neglect them, especially at first!

Bend the legs in the knees so that the shin is overWith the toe of the foot - the lower you sit, the safer your movement will be. For the balance of the arm, stretch forward, bend at the elbows and slightly lower - so that it would be convenient for you to stand. It is from this position that you need to start moving.

Your feet should be about the widthShoulders. Sock one leg unfold slightly to the side, another push off, weight the body move to the first leg. And now you are coming! The foot that you pushed off, land, pointing the toe slightly to one side, and now push off the other leg. So, continuing this kind of movement, you will successfully move. Do not forget that you need to carry the weight of gravity from one leg to the other - this is the key to your success when riding.

Try a variety of riding options - doLong and smooth movements, and on the contrary - fast and short, thereby accelerating or slowing down their movement. Do not forget that the first to the ground drops the sock, and only then - the heel. So you can quickly learn to skate.

How to learn to slow down on rollers?

You will be surprised, but many people who have been rolling around for years and

Quickly learn to skate

Have not mastered the correct braking technique. That's why you do not need to get upset if you do not get something.</ P>

Looking around your equipment, you will notice that onOne of the rollers in the calcaneal part has a protrusion that almost touches the ground. This ledge is a brake. In order to slow down, the foot with the brake should be slightly set forward and directed slightly inwards, transferring the weight of the body to the back foot. If you do not do this - you risk immediately learn to sit on the string! Do not forget, you will not get up at once, as if you were dug in - and the faster you drove, the more distance you will have to overcome in order to stop. When you feel that you stand quite steadily, you can remove your foot from the brake.