Winter games on the street

Is it worth talking about how children like winter - forFluffy snow, for the opportunity to play snowballs, ride a hill ... yes a lot for that yet. Outdoor games in winter are useful for children and adults: this is a good physical load, emotional relaxation plus hardening. And do we remember, adults, how fascinating a winter walk with a child can be, and what needs to be done to achieve this?

We will not discuss here, of course,Interesting but not cheap entertainment for the whole family like snowmobiling, tubing in ski parks, etc. We will talk about the usual daily family walk in the courtyard of your house or in the nearest garden.

Winter Games

The main criterion for answering the question "what to play with a child in the winter on the street?" Is your child himself: his age, sex, interests, abilities.

For the little ones

It is clear that you do not drag a year and a halfCrumb skating with a high roller coaster. But to dazzle him for a miniature snowman and let the kid attach it to his eyes, a nozzle, pens - this is exactly what you need. Joint creativity with parents will cause indescribable delight from the little sculptor.

If you took a sled with you for a walk,Grab a teddy bear or another toy. Children who have learned to walk confidently walk with pleasure themselves, and if they are not empty, but with a toy "passenger" - this is happily doubly happy. By the way, a passenger can be not only a toy: if your sleighs are strong enough and you walk with the whole family, the son and father can ride in sleds and mom - kids usually like this kind of entertainment very much, and mother will have a little rest.

One year old can already buy a shovel forSnow is one of the favorite children's toys. Initially, the kid will simply stick a shoulder blade into the snow, but very soon with your help he will learn how to use this "tool of labor" and will be happy to clear entire paths in the snow.

For those who are older

With a grown up child modeling of a snowman, you canTurn into a real creative process. For example, ask him to make a snowman like dad, mom, sister, grandmother or grandfather. After all, each member of the family has its own characteristic external features, for example, the pope has a mustache, and the grandmother has glasses and curls. Prepare yourself at home to sculpting such a "sculptural portrait": in advance, create a "hairstyle" or grab a string of thread, a rain from the New Year tree, buttons, wire, etc. on the street.

You can sculpt not only snowmen. In the presence of artistic abilities, you can arrange contests of snow sculptures, creating whole "zoos" from crocodiles, lions, hippos, etc. Girls, perhaps, will be interested in making snowy "cakes" and "cakes": they can be decorated with berries of mountain ash and everything that fantasy tells.

Very interesting entertainment - blow soapBubbles in the winter on the street. In the cold, the soap bubble quickly freezes and turns into an unusually beautiful "crystal ball". Experiment with the air temperature and the composition of the soap solution (different variants can be found on the Internet) - perhaps not immediately, but the magic that you show your children - it's worth it.

Moving games in winter

We will dwell separately on mobile children's gamesIn the winter - they will help to warm up, develop endurance and, what is very important, throw out emotions. Here are just a few options for mobile winter games for you and your child - they are not all new, but still we recall:

  1. Roller-skiing. Before riding, make sure of safetyConstructions: whether the hill is stable, whether there are any protruding details or ice outgrowths on it, which can cause injury; There are no obstacles at the bottom, in which you can crash. If everything is in order, a small child can ride on his hands, and grown-up children can move themselves.
  2. Snowballs. Do not need comments. The main condition is sufficient air humidity and, in fact, snow, so that the "guns" do not crumble in the hands and in flight. You can shell each other or the target (it can be painted on a tree trunk or a deaf wall of a house). And, of course, watch out for security for yourself and others - stay away from windows, cars and casual passers-by.
  3. Snow Fortress. A highly organized game consisting of twoStages - the actual construction of the fortress and shelling. To build a fortress, grab the form for the "bricks" from the house (this can be, for example, a rectangular plastic container) and

    Playing for a walk in winter

    A bottle of water (you will need to water yourA fortification for greater strength). Have you built it? Tired and soaked mittens? Change them to dry and rest a little. Or return the next day, with renewed vigor. Divide into two teams, prepare snowballs "ammunition" and proceed to shelling. Ruddy cheeks and emotional discharge to you and your children are provided.

Winter is a wonderful time for interesting walks with a child. Include fantasy, be yourself a little children and enjoy every season!