How to learn to skate

There are many kinds of amusingHanging out in the winter - for example, skating. Unfortunately, not all of us in the early childhood have skated and now can boast of excellent skills. On any rink you can see a few people who barely keep on their feet. In order not to be in this situation, or even to know what to do in it, you need to prepare in advance and learn how to skate correctly.

How to learn to skate: the choice of equipment

If you are interested in the question of how to learn to skate, you probably do not have your skates yet, or you just plan to buy them. So, remember the important rules:

  1. Girls are easiest to get used to on "figure skates" - those that are created for figure skating. There are still hockey, but it's more for guys.
  2. The necessity of three layers of thick socks is a myth. You need some warm socks and your size skates. Do not take 2 more sizes - if the skates are hanging on your legs, you can not stand on them, you can erase your legs and in general learn nothing.
  3. Put on the roller is not too warm - in the process Skating you will be hot. It's better if it's thermo-shorts and a short knit dress, or warm leggings and a wool sweater. And on top - sinteponovaya jacket. If the skating rink is covered, you can do without the jacket. But it is better to take gloves or mittens in any case, so that the delicate skin of the hands does not get worn (and you will not be afraid of falling so much).
  4. In your clothes you should be comfortable and do not feel sorry for falling. A couple of times to fall still have to, but you do not need to be afraid of it - probably you will not even have a bruise.

Gathered in this way and choosing skates, you can begin to study the technique of skiing. Be prepared for the fact that before you learn how to skate well, you have a long way to go.

How to learn to skate?

So, you are on the rink. First, carefully lace up the skates: let it be better a little bit tight. It's easier to loosen the lacing slightly later than to get an ankle injury from the way out to the ice. If everything is ready, then we learn to skate:

  1. When you get on the ice, do not stand with even legs - let them be slightly bent at the knees.
  2. The toe socks point inwards, placing the legs slightly to the foot. This is your main stance. So you stand on the inner edges of your skate's blades.
  3. Do not push the tooth in front of the ridge - you can fall!
  4. In order to go, spread your foot socks inSide and push one leg, straightening the other leg and transferring the weight of the body to it. The story sounds difficult, but in practice it's a very simple movement.
  5. The question of how to learn to brake on skates,Is one of the most difficult. At a time when you have transferred the weight of the body to one leg, the second one needs to be pulled forward with an edge or heel. Do not try to brake with prongs, you can fall.
  6. The main thing - regular training! By the end of the hour you will be able to celebrate your successes. The main thing, do not be afraid to fall!
  7. To the question of how fast to skate, you should go a little later, when you are already

    How to skate on the back

    Mastered the braking and sliding at a slow pace. However, you will then realize that in order to develop speed, you need to perform the same movements, but at an accelerated pace.
  8. Having already mastered fast skating and feeling confidentYourself at the rink, you can begin to question how to skate backwards. To do this, perform the same as usual skating action backwards. Do not forget to transfer the weight of the body from foot to foot - and it will work out!

The main thing is practice. Do not give up before failure, be sure to learn to ride regularly, at least a couple of times a week. At all, progress is at different rates - but some manage to do just 3-5 lessons on the ice.