Cycling tour

Bike trips are quite commonAn occupation that relates to tourism. A bicycle in this case is the main means of transportation. As such, cycling is to go through the entire cycle route without a limited time. Bike trips can be single, winter, and also many people travel long distances even with children.

Single cycle trips

Sometimes it's hard to find a companion forA different journey, so many tourists prefer single bike trips. The advantages of such hikes include the fact that you can make an individual itinerary and do not depend on it from a fellow traveler. Loneliness is also useful for knowing yourself, for controlling your own self and training your confidence.

The shortcomings of such campaigns include lack of assistance in case of possible difficulties, and costs in solitary "swimming" are often greater.

Biking with children

Quite often, cycling is alsoChildren, but there is much more responsibility. It is necessary to help ensure that everything you need (food, medicine, clothes) is with you. In addition, it is better not to go on long trips with a child. There are many couples who prefer traveling with several families at the same time, and there is support for each other, and the children will not be so bored together.

Winter bike trips

Such hikes are most likely the mostExtreme. After the passage of the winter route, you are unlikely to be scared of any summer trip. By training your willpower and endurance, you temper your character, which will affect your stress resistance when you return to the city. Preparation for cycling should be very careful, because on the road in winter, there is practically no one to count on.

Cycling Equipment

Since biking is a prettyResponsible, then you need to take seriously the selection of equipment. So be sure to purchase a sleeping bag. The usual bag is suitable for summer, and warmer is suitable for winter and spring.

Choose shoes and clothes that should

Cycling trip

Be different for recreation and for driving. The main task of clothes for a trip is to remove moisture and at the same time to keep warm. Different fleece fabrics are suitable.</ P>

Also include in the set personal belongings and KLMN (pan, spoon, bowl, knife), without this you will have really hard, especially if the trip is planned for several days.

And the basis of your equipment should be a first aid kit, which must necessarily include emergency care for bruises, funds for gastrointestinal disorders, funds for pain and colds.