Scandinavian walking with sticks

It is easy to guess that Scandinavian walking withSticks appeared exactly in Scandinavia. Local skiers did not want to lose shape and dexterity during the hot season, and therefore began to practice a special kind of walking with ski poles. The popularity of this sport quickly gained popularity, and athletes who compete in the Olympic Games, often choose this type of aerobic load.

Walking for medical purposes: what is the Scandinavian kind better than others?

Nordic walking at the present timeIncredibly popular, and it is practiced all over the world. It is available to people of any financial wealth and all ages. Its main advantage - with the proper level of exercise, such walking is not as difficult for the body as running or even ordinary walking. Judge for yourself:

  • The presence of sticks reduces the load on the joints of the lower limbs;
  • Thanks to the sticks man moves faster than the ordinary;
  • Effectively exercises the cardiovascular system;
  • Helps cure shoulder and neck problems;
  • Helps restore or correct posture;
  • General endurance develops;
  • Improves the work of the heart and lungs.

Scandinavian (Finnish, Norwegian) walking -A great kind of fitness that does not require expensive equipment. You will need only good sneakers and a pair of special sticks for Nordic walking, which are selected for growth, as in the case of skis, but much shorter than their ancestors. The presence of sticks allows you to protect your joints, which means that such an investment will pay off in the equivalent of your health. The accessibility of Norwegian walking with sticks is an undoubted plus of it as a sport, because many people would like to engage in their body and health, but do not have the means to attend expensive classes or purchase not cheap equipment.

What is useful walking with sticks?

The benefit of walking with sticks can be paintedFor a very long time, because it is really an amazingly useful way to keep the body in tone. Let's consider the brightest and most impressive positive aspects:

  1. Scandinavian walking allows you to literally bring back to life a person who has problems with the musculoskeletal system.
  2. If you want to lose weight - it's Scandinavian walking that will allow you to achieve the desired results in a short time and without hungry diets.
  3. You can practice this kind of sport all year round!
  4. As a result of rhythmic inhalation and exhalation of useful, pure natural air, you will soon feel much better.
  5. Regularly moving, it is possible in 50, and 60 years to maintain their body in a tone and not become helpless.
  6. Unlike other similar sports, it isNorthern walking allows you to give an increased load on the hands, press and shoulders, why the body burns more calories, and the posture becomes more and more graceful.
  7. Scandinavian walking can be practiced by the whole family - it is safe even for children.

With such a spectrum of positive properties, few people will be able to deny themselves the pleasure of mastering a new sport, which is not yet too widespread in Russia.

Sticks for support for Nordic walking

Finnish Walking

Sticks for Nordic walking and sticks for skis are different things. Scandinavian sticks are somewhat shorter and have a special type of handholds that allow them to be fixed.

There is a special formula, thanks to which everyone can easily calculate the size of the stick for their growth: your height x 0.68 (± 5cm) = length of the sticks.

For a person of 150, we need sticks 105 cm,And with a growth of 185 cm, sticks need longer ones - about 125 cm. The higher your sticks - the higher the load, so in time you can take the model 5 cm higher than the previous one. Their cost ranges from an average of $ 30 to $ 60.