Skateboard for beginners

To date, skateboarding is very popularkind of sport. If you decide to do skateboarding, know that initially you will have to invest a lot of money to buy everything you need. To ride a skateboard, you need a good American kit. It includes - board, suspension, wheels, bearings, mounting screws, skins, shoes and helmet for skateboarding.

How to learn to skateboard?

Skateboard for beginners is quite complicated. Initially, you need to determine which leg you have as a supporting leg. Further, to at least just learn how to skate on a skateboard without performing tricks, you must give at least three to four days of hard training. For training choose a better flat road, where there are few people and cars, the ideal option will be some clean alley.

The first thing you learn is to just stand on the skateboard. Get on the board and, balancing between the front and rear wheels, try to feel the board so that during the ride you do not tremble your knees.

To learn how to ride, put one foot onBoard, the second is easy to push, here the main thing is to go as far as possible and at the same time closely monitor the balance. Each time, push off from the surface more strongly, after a few hours of such training, you will be balanced and "feeling the board."

To learn how to turn skate, youIt is necessary to extend the leg and turn the body in the desired direction. The stronger you press on the heel, the sharper the angle of rotation. In order to learn how to sharply turn, it is necessary to keep a balance well, standing only on the rear wheels. But to perform tricks you will need more than one day, and you will have to buy protection for the skateboard, because you can not avoid bruising.

Types of skateboards

Types of skateboards in most cases are conditional. So, it is possible to attribute to their types skateboards with concave and skateboards without concave, skateboards with bow and with double bend. Also skateboards are divided into proper skateboards and longboards - an elongated board, they are often referred to as alternative skateboarding. Wheels longbord more than the usual skate and softer. The main difference is the sharpened front and raised backside, the stability at the same time is achieved due to wider suspension. The feature of longboards is that they are perfectly glide and fast enough.

Skateboard for Beginners: Basic Tips

How to learn to skateboard

  1. Control emotions. Do not shout if something does not work out. With each day of experience you will have more and more.
  2. Be prepared for difficulties. Mastering one trick can be delayed for a couple of weeks or more. If you want to reach the level of Eric Coston, you will need years.
  3. Read more, Especially suitable for foreign skate magazines or websites. See the advertisement, read the interview with famous skaters.
  4. Follow the video tutorials And repeat the tricks done there. To understand the world level today you can see - Flip "Sorry", Girl "Yeah, Right!", Emerica "This is skateboarding".
  5. Do not be afraid of anything.. This, of course, does not mean what you can doTricks that do not match your level, but the fear of doing most of them is better to overcome. As the classic said: "Madness of the brave we sing a song."
  6. Never save on quality. It is better to save money for good,A quality board made from Canadian maple, than to purchase a Chinese version that will bring you only difficulties and disappointment. Do not save yourself to the detriment, because your task is not only to learn how to ride, but to minimize possible injuries and bruises.