How to skate

To date, one of the most popularSports are skating. This activity has a positive effect on human health, helps to keep fit and is simply a fun and interesting pastime. Recently, more and more people want to learn this sport, so let's try to figure out how to skate.

How to skate on figure skates?

Before you start, you need to chooseskates. Do not give preference to shoes that are several sizes smaller or larger, skates should ideally sit on the leg, this directly affects the ease of movement. Do not forget to lace up the shoes properly, otherwise the leg will "blunder" and you will not be able to correctly perform the movements, or even worse can get injured.

So, first you need to learn confidentlyStand on skates, do not rush to the ice rink, just stand a while, "feel" the skates. After you understand that you are confident enough, try to take a few steps, first leaning on the side. After a little training, go out on the ice, just do not rush and remember the main rule: when riding, the legs should be slightly bent at the knees. To slide on the ice, it is necessary to push off with the inner edge of the leg (the one that you have jogging), and the second leg should be set forward. During skiing, try to transfer the center of gravity from foot to foot. All this is a matter of practice, practice more and with each movement will give you all the easier.

How good is skating?

Having mastered the basics of skating, most people want to learn more technical driving. Very often beginners in this sport want to know the answers to the questions:

  1. How to skate on the back? This is a bit more complicated than driving forward, although the movements are the same, only in the reverse order. Back you need to move alternating shocks of the left and right feet, making steps along the arc.
  2. How fast to skate? To develop speed on ice, it should beSkate tilt forward the body. It is very important that the legs are slightly bent at the knees, and the head is raised, you should look straight. Try to slide, and not run, make a kick smoothly and easily, and do not forget to transfer the center of gravity from foot to foot.
  3. How to skate beautifully? If you have learned to ride confidently on skates,You can start learning the elements that will make skating not just quick, but also beautiful. First, you need to master the turns, for this, pushing with the right foot (if you turn to the left) increase the frequency of movements and rotate the body in the direction of rotation. To beautifully ride, it is not necessary to perform the most complex elements that professionals have, especially since

    How to skate well

    It will take a long time to develop them. You can learn more simple, but beautiful techniques, for example, "swallow". To make this element, you need to gain speed, transfer weight to the right leg, and raise the left one and back, slightly unfolding the toe of the ridge. The legs should be straight, the body slightly lowered forward and as much as possible bend the back, hands must be spread apart, this will help to keep the balance and make the element more beautiful.

Well, if you understand how to ride theSkating professionally, it should be understood that this work is not one year. Professional athletes are trained in this sport from a very young age, therefore, to master the art of skating, it is necessary to engage in many years.