Finnish walking with sticks

Finnish walking with sticks appeared in Finland,Hence the name. This kind of fitness can engage people, regardless of sex, age and physical fitness. In addition, this direction has no contraindications. You can work on any terrain and at any time of the year. Training should be held at least twice a week and last from half an hour.

What is useful walking with sticks?

Despite the ease of doing this type of fitness has several advantages:

  1. During training almost 90% of muscles are involved. The muscles of the upper and lower parts of the body receive the load.
  2. In comparison with ordinary walking, Finnish burns 50% more calories.
  3. Thanks to the use of sticks, the pressure on the spine and knees is reduced.
  4. During training, the pulse increases, which is beneficial for the work of the lungs and heart. In addition, the level of bad cholesterol decreases.
  5. Improves balance and coordination of movements.

The technique of Finnish walking with sticks

The peculiarity of training is thatThe person makes natural movements, as in ordinary walking, but only the intensity and rhythm increase. It is important to take into account that the magnitude of the span of the hands directly depends on the size of the step. The technique of Finnish walking is the following: taking a step with your left foot, simultaneously pull out the right stick forward and push it away from the ground. Take a step with your right foot, and push with your left stick.

The method of walking with sticks is based on such positions:

  1. Sticks in the hands should be held confidently, but without tension.
  2. With your hand, take the stick back behind the trunk, straightening the elbow. At the same time, it is necessary to open the palm of your hand and turn the upper part of the body behind your arm.
  3. Finnish walking with sticks technique

  4. The body must be kept straight and be slightly inclined forward.
  5. Hold the stick at an angle of 45 degrees.
  6. Making a step you need to roll from the heel to the toe and push off the ground with your thumbs.

For classes you need to have special sticks,Which are much shorter than the ski. Finnish walking sticks are of two types: standard and telescopic, with several segments. All sticks have special straps that look like gloves without fingers. At the bottom, they have a rubber tip, which is important for training on a hard surface. There is also a special spike, which makes it possible to train on ice. Sticks for Finnish walking are made mainly of aluminum, CFRP and composite materials.