athletics for children

Athletics for children - the most naturalkind of sport. Hardly having learned to walk, the little one at once aspires to master run and various kinds of jumps, and all these classes help not only to throw out superfluous energy, but to develop a body. For the human body, running has a generally strengthening property that contributes to the harmonious development of the whole body as a whole, and not to any part of it. In addition, endurance is tempered, which is a very important property for any person.

Children's athletics: do not give the child?

Athletics for children are veryuseful and necessary, but it is important that your baby has a tendency to them. Fortunately, this sport allows you to independently, by monitoring the child, to determine if your baby is suitable for such activities. So, take a look at the presence of the following factors:

  • the child is mobile, loves to run and jump;
  • a child is often the driver of children's games;
  • favorite pastime of the baby - to participate in competitions with other children on strength and agility;
  • Your kid is committed to leadership and knows how to tolerate failure;
  • the child is harmoniously developed and strong physically.

If all this, or most of these factsthere is a place to be, then your baby is quite suitable for this kind of training. It is important to understand that physical activity and hyperactivity are two different things. A hyperactive child should not be given to such a section - this will exhaust both himself and his trainer. This phenomenon refers more to the mental sphere of life, and athletics can not affect this positively.

Athletics section for children

If athletics in school usually usesthe most diverse areas of this very voluminous concept, the specialized sports schools in athletics presuppose the choice of a specific direction. There are several of them:

  • exercises in running;
  • jumps: in height, in length, with pole, triple jump;
  • Sports walking;
  • The throwing of shells: a disk, a hammer, a spear, a nucleus;
  • all-around and relay races.

Of course, it is necessary to choose onlytogether with your child, guided by his abilities and interests. Due to the fact that athletics are familiar to the child by school, it makes sense to find out what he likes best, or to talk with his physical education teacher.

It is worthwhile to understand that hisphysique and heredity (often guess how the baby will grow, you can by the physique of his parents). For example, any jumps (both in height and length) are best for long-legged children. But the best runners are light, thin-skinned and short-grown guys. If the child is overweight, it will be difficult for him to achieve success in this sport, but classes can help your child control weight.

athletics in school

If your child is inclined to teamwork, you can give it to the relay race section - it is here that the leading role is given to the consistency of the whole team.

To the pluses of athletics, which are usually lovedchildren, it is also possible to attribute the fact that this kind of sport costs the parents cheaper than the rest. All that is needed is a quality sports suit and special athletic sneakers that reduce the load on the joints and protect the baby from the risk of injury. Do not forget that giving the baby to such sections is between the ages of 7-8 and 11 years - this is an ideal age for both amateur and professional.