Gymnastics for boys

As a rule, everyone aspires to give the son in the section,where they teach you to stand up for yourself. However, this does not reduce the popularity of this type of exercise, like gymnastics for boys. Of course, gymnastics circles are more popular for girls, but they can bring many pluses to the strong sex. Before giving the child to gymnastics, it is worthwhile to thoroughly understand all its forms and determine the direction.

Sports kinds of gymnastics

First of all, it is necessary to differentiate really sports kinds of gymnastics from simply gymnastics. So, to sports kinds of gymnastics officially carry such disciplines:

  • gymnastics;
  • gymnastics;
  • Sports acrobatics;
  • Sports aerobics.

Sometimes elements of gymnastics are found in other disciplines, but in order to become a gymnast, it is necessary to choose from these four possible options.

Characteristics of sports kinds of gymnastics

Not all kinds of gymnastics are suitable for boys. Let's consider all kinds in more details and we will define their basic features:


It is an Olympic multi-sport sport, in whichincludes (for men) - exercises on rings, on a crossbeam, on a horse, on uneven bars, floor exercises, and also basic jumps. As a rule, in such lessons, coaches include elements and exercises from acrobatics, rhythmic gymnastics, games, choreography, and others.


This sport is exclusively female. This includes various dance elements that can be performed as with various objects in hands, and without them. It is also an Olympic sport.

Sports acrobatics

This sport implies differentCompetitions and championships. Acrobatics includes three groups of exercises: acrobatic jumps, paired and group exercises, exercises on a trampoline. You can conduct training in the gym and on the sports ground.

Sports aerobics

This sport involves performingA continuous complex of exercises, which includes combinations of technically complex acyclic movements, various elements of interaction between partners that are complex in complexity. Sports aerobics means individual performances, mixed pairs, threes and sixes in different compositions. The basis of the choreography is the basic aerobic steps and their various connections. Since 1995 this is an Olympic discipline.

Gymnastics for boys: is it dangerous?

Many are afraid of gymnastics and acrobatics,Because these sports seem to be the most traumatic. On the contrary, before performing each element, it is sorted into several small and simple ones, which makes it possible to hone the execution to automaticity and perform it as easily and naturally as a simple somersault. Children in gymnastics are never clumsy and uncollected, because discipline and coordination of movements are definitely their strong point!

During such lessons, not only dexterity and coordination of movements develops, but I am the whole muscular system.

Children in gymnastics

Due to the varied load this occursevenly, and these athletes always look slim and fit. Fast movements, which are filled with training, perfectly develop the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, which makes their work harmonious and harmonious. </ P>

Regular loads strengthen bones and joints,Which, in turn, allows for less risk of injury. In addition, a child who performs various tricks and exercises from 5-7 years, is perfectly able to group, which allows him not to be afraid of accidental injuries and to feel confident in any situation.