spike for athletics

Athletics is a combination of sports,who train endurance and develop many necessary skills. To athletics sports include running (and running for short and long distances are different disciplines), different types of jumps (in height, length, etc.), throwing various objects (for example, spears), as well as all sorts of variants of polyboria, during which athletes compete in more than one discipline. In order to play sports it was easy, convenient, and most importantly - safe, it is important to choose good track and field athletics spikes. The view that there is a universal footwear that is ideal for all types of athletics is wrong: in fact, for each discipline, different kinds of spikes are needed.

Baby spikes

Children's version of footwear for athletics,which is certainly useful to a student participating in competitions, should also be selected based on the discipline in which the child tries his or her own efforts. If, however, specialization is not chosen, it is better to buy simple, universal sneakers or spikes for athletics. However, for serious classes and competitions in a specific form of athletics, this option is unlikely to be ideal. That is why, as the child is determined with discipline, it is worthwhile to get him suitable narrowly specialized spikes.

Shipovka for track and field athletics: general information

Shipovki for track and field athletics must be selected with particular care, because their functions are quite versatile:

  • spikes should provide amortization, unless it interferes with acceleration or other elements of the chosen discipline;
  • sports shoes are designed to carefully fix the foot and protect the joints from dislocation, and the muscles - from stretching;
  • the presence of studs on the sole allows you to more effectively organize the grip of the sole with the floor or ground, which allows you to more effectively repel or accelerate (if necessary).

Any model of studs for athletics should be easy, it is good to sit on the leg, and most importantly - to be so comfortable that it does not cause the slightest feeling of discomfort.

Spikes for long jumps

Spikes for jumping are different from other typesspikes with a special outsole. Turning over such shoes, you will necessarily see a hard, ribbed protector, designed to ensure a soft landing, and reinforced shock absorbers in the heel area, which protects from injuries at the end of the jump. It is also important that the studs should be light enough and have a flexible, plastic sole.

If we talk about the very spinovka - in such sneakers it will not be too rigid and most likely replaceable.

Spikes for jumping in height

Jumping spikes, which are necessary forthe conquest of heights, also have their own specific features. They will be slightly heavier than the previous species, but they also necessarily have a reinforced heel and the presence of a ribbed tread on it - these qualities are needed for proper repulsion. In addition, it will also be used

athletics spikes

Replaceable spikes, which provide maximum grip on the surface. </ P>

Athletic shoes for triple jumping

Spikes for athletics, specializedfor this type of jumping, you need to choose very carefully, since the load on the foot in this case is more powerful than in other types of jumping disciplines.

Here, a hard, cast heel is just a necessary condition. In addition, sneakers of this kind are devoid of shock absorbers - they can prevent qualitative repulsion at the very beginning.