Tattoo players

Recently watched a football match between Russia and Andorra,And during the game noticed a tattoo on the hand of the Russian national team player, Roman Pavlyuchenko. And so I did not like this sight. No, the tattoo is cute, but somehow the image of this football player does not fit. Although I treat tattoos well, but I can even watch the tattoos of football players for hours. And that they only do not represent themselves: from modest significant dates and names of loved ones to pictures in the back. Although now many European clubs have become negative about the tattoo of football players. And the players of Madrid "Real" and must agree on the application of the painting on the body with the leadership of the club. And all because tattoos increase the risk of infectious diseases, and are a potential threat to the health of players.

But let's talk about those who managed to getlike ornaments. Of course, everyone can not be listed, yes, probably, and unnecessary. Therefore, here I will tell you about those football players whose tattoos look great in the photo or the tattoo of footballers who have distinguished themselves by professional merit. Let's start with the captain of the Ukrainian team, Andrei Shevchenko. A neat dragon looks good on the left shoulder of a charming football player. Several assumptions have been made about the meaning of this tattoo. According to the Eastern calendar, Andrew was born in the year of the Dragon, and he spent his first season in Italy in the year of the same eastern Gorynych. But Shevchenko himself does not confirm any of these versions, saying that this is a tattoo - the memory of an important event. Well, everyone has the right to secrets. Is not it?

It is impossible not to mention the tattoo of David Beckham. Respect is caused by the fact that almost all of them are devoted to the family. Like: the names of the wife and sons on the forearm and back. There is another image

Tattoos on the body of football players

guardian angel between the shoulder blades. A tribute to his favorite club, David gave, putting on his body number VII. </ P>

By tattooing on the hands and body of someplayers can get an idea of ​​all the significant points of their lives. For example, the famous brawler Marco Materazzi already has more than 20 tattoos. Among them, 4 are dedicated to the wife and children. On the back of the angel's wings, symbolizing the spirit of his late mother, on the left hip the image of the cup and the date of the landmark match, the date of the won title of the champion of Italy is marked on his hand. Marco also posted information about his zodiac sign and birthday. Still there are tattoos, the significance of which for the player is unknown, maybe the pictures are beautiful, but maybe the memory of something important. It's a lion on the right hip, an Indian, butterflies, three sneakers and lizards.

Remember, someone from the humorists expressed a wishabout the fact that if you're doing tattoos, then write something useful, blood type or address. It's funny, but Zlatan Ibrahimovic, the striker of Barcelona and the Swedish national team, followed this advice and placed in his hands the dates of the birth of his brothers, sisters and parents, the names of children and parents and his name in Arabic. In addition to tattoos containing useful information, Ibrahimovic has a pattern for luck, a red dragon, two aces and the inscription "only the Lord can judge me."

Tattoo of football players photo

Tattoos of football players are different in their meaning,Location and color performance. But photo tattoos of several players admire. Images of Che and Fidel Castro from Diego Maradona and the Roman gladiator from the captain of "Roma" Francesco Totti. The semantic load of these players' tattoos involuntarily causes respect. At Maradona for adherence to ideas of "island of freedom", and Totti for fidelity to the club. Well, one more tattoo of the defender of "Liverpool" and the national team of Denmark, Daniel Agger, so to speak for dessert. On the body of this player many images and inscriptions. But attention is drawn to one picture with the name "Viking Cemetery", located on the back. The inscriptions in this picture mean "I do not hear anything, I do not see anything, I will not say anything" - on the helmets of the three Vikings, "The most certain in Life is Death, and the most vague is its hour" - in the upper back.

Here such famous tattoos have got the players. Yes, many of these tattoos go and are the adornment of these beautiful men, but we do not like them for "military coloring". True?