Sports aerobics

The word "aerobics" can be applied to different typesactivity, which has a positive direction. In general, there are many types of aerobics - fitness, boxing aerobics, step aerobics, aqua aerobics and sports aerobics. About the latter, we'll talk in more detail. Sports aerobics today is as popular as professional sports. Organized competitions, conducted training and demonstration performances. Training in sports aerobics is a combination of physically exercises with moderate intensity, which are also very useful for health.

Children's sports aerobics

Children can be engaged in sports aerobics alreadyFrom seven years, unless of course there are no contraindications. Regularly doing sports aerobics for children, you can increase your energy level, improve your mental state and, of course, improve your health.

But do not forget that in fact exercises forsports aerobics are quite heavy, and it is quite difficult to learn such power pa. It takes many years to learn to become a hardy athlete who can perform elements borrowed from gymnastics and acrobatics.

Costumes for sports aerobics

Clothing for sports aerobics shouldmaximum emphasize the sporting focus of this sport. Therefore, in the first place, the costume should not be transparent, the sleeves of the girls' swimsuit should end at maximum on the wrists. It is better to give preference to a piece swimsuit. The cutout in front and behind the suit should not be as deep as possible. Leg cuts should not be above the waist line.

Elements of sports aerobics

Sports aerobics is a sport in whichoften use elements of rhythmic gymnastics and acrobatics. The first kinds of elements that demonstrate dynamic force include all kinds of push-ups. The second kind of elements is a demonstration of static force, for example, an ordinary corner. The third kind of elements is the jumping part: the athletes make different jumps, turns and various combinations. The fourth part of the elements is taken from rhythmic gymnastics, which demonstrates the flexibility of the body.

Competitions in sports aerobics

sports aerobics for children

Competitive programs in sports aerobics- this, most often, arbitrary exercises, where athletes demonstrate a high-intensity complex, which includes acyclic exercises with complex coordination, as well as different in the complexity of the exercises in groups.

Judges are evaluated first in the competitionartistry. The choreographic and aerobic content of exercises is also assessed. Very important presentation part, as well as musical accompaniment. For example, using music, you need to take into account the program of sports aerobics itself, as well as the task of speaking. All movements should be 100% match the music you choose and coincide in time with its phases and shares. The athlete should maximally show confidence in his actions and control his positive emotions and facial expressions.

It is also necessary to make a good impression ofthe sports component of exercises, which are distinguished by high quality of movement, as well as clarity and completeness. In the video below you can see an example of a performance in gymnastics.