unusual sports

We all know a lot of differentKinds of sports. From simple football, basketball, track and field athletics, to curling, billiards and cheerleading. But in the world there are a lot of other unusual species - unique, interesting, extraordinary and sometimes even insane. It will be about the most unusual sports that people invented with a creative way of thinking and who, undoubtedly, deserve attention.


Jibbing will appeal to those who could not master a skateboard or videos. All you need for this hobby is a pair of sneakers with a special groove to slide along the railing.


This is a very spectacular version of the Brazilian beachVolleyball. The game takes place on a special platform, equipped with trampolines and allowing players to fly high above the net. At first glance, it may seem that everything is simple, but in fact, it is a very complex co-ordinated sport.


This sport is especially close to lovers of winter sportsEntertainment. In place of skis and snowboards in skibobe skating takes place on a hybrid - a bicycle with skis. Unlike skiing and snowboarding, the skibob is less dangerous and traumatic, and emotions are practically the same.


The progenitor of this sport is Finland. For 11 rounds, the athletes play a game of chess, then go to the ring and box. The sum of the points scored and the winner is determined.

In addition to individual species, there are interesting sports that involve team play. For example - football. This kind of football is not less spectacular, butInformativity even surpasses its classical progenitor. The field, the gate and the number of players are the same, but on the field two balls - pink and blue. In the match unlimited number of substitutions are allowed, instead of two judges the game serves four - two for each ball. Another difference from the classic option - the lack of offside.


This is a very emotional game - a mixture of hockey,football and baseball. A soccer uniform, a hockey helmet and a stick similar to a baseball bat. The essence of the game is to score as many goals as possible in the opponent's goal.


The game in the Concer was adopted by adults atEnglish schoolchildren. The essence of it is that a horse (chestnut genus) is threaded onto a rope and two players alternately try to hit their chestnut with a chestnut rival until it falls off the lace. Produce alternately three hits,


the loser is the one whose knuckle falls first.</ P>

In addition to the above, there area lot of interesting, new and intricate sports games. The most unusual sports often have consonant names. Swamp football and underwater hockey, racing on lawn mowers and racing for cheese, sports sauna and Finnish jogging with wives.

The world of sports is diverse and is developing rapidlyPace. It's no wonder if in the near future we will be able to watch the Championship of kicks in the shin, throwing towels, races on the beds and a lot of other extraordinary sports and martial arts at the Olympics.