queen of sports

And you know what kind of sport is recognized by the queensport and why? In order to answer this question, one must turn to the history of sports - at least, the one that was documented. After all, there are also types of sports activities that have not lost their relevance for over 2000 years.

Queen of Sports - athletics

It was athletics was awarded such a flatteringstatus. It is known that even in ancient times such exercises were used to improve the physical training of soldiers. You will surely stop wondering why athletics are the queen of sports, if you know that he was part of the program of the very first Olympic Games that were held in ancient Greece in 776 BC. This is the most natural, natural sport that is simply created for the overall strengthening of the body.

Athletics as a sport: modern history

In our era, athletics is alsoinvariable "participant" of all kinds of competitions. Even in the 18-19th centuries, significant records were recorded in various spheres of this sport. Officially it is believed that the beginning of modern competitions in the race put in 1837 in various schools in England. Later, they were supplemented by running for short distances, throwing the nucleus, jumping in length, running with obstacles, walking and more.

In 1865 in the capital of England the London Athletic Club was founded, thanks to which athletics became more popular and popular. This effect was fixed by the appearance of the Amateur Athletic Association, which united all the small organizations of this country.

Further athletics, the queen of sport, came andin USA. The Athletic Club there was organized in 1868 in New York. After that, the "fashion" for athletics came to many other countries, where various organizations and clubs also began to form. Since 1896, when the Olympic Games were revived, track-and-field athletics became widespread - after all, recalling the very first Olympiads, the organizers took the lead in the new version of the competition.

In Russia athletics began to spreadsince 1888, when the first sports club on the run appeared in the vicinity of St. Petersburg. Since then track and field athletics has not been forgotten and has always been on the list of disciplines of prestigious sports competitions.

Queen of Sports today

Traditionally, athletics includes running, walking, jumping and throwing, which are divided into the following disciplines:

  • running types;
  • Sports walking;
  • technical types (jumping and throwing);
  • all-around;
  • runs (running on the highway);
  • cross-country running.

As a result of the competition, the winner is chosen, which can be either an athlete or a team that showed the best result

Queen of Sports Athletics

in the final race or in the final attemptstechnical disciplines. The championship in cross-country disciplines is held in several stages - qualification, ¼ finals, ½ finals. In the course of this selection of athletes and teams that will participate in the final competitions.</ P>

By the way, start athleticsathletes and athletes can from the most tender age - 5-6 years. The earlier the child began to engage in this sport, the more likely that he will achieve success in it.

This is perhaps the most popular sport - todayathletics is popular among girls and among guys. The International Association of Athletics Federations, operating since 1912, unites more than 200 national federations.