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Those who follow their figure and want to have noonly a slender, but also a beautiful relief body, they know that it's better than power sports that will not help. List of power sports in which women can try their hand at something quite impressive and we want to like to dwell on some of them.

Weightlifting for women

Weightlifting is a power sport thatis based on the performance of exercises to lift weights. It most often used such shells as a barbell and sports weight. Although weightlifting is considered to be predominantly a masculine sport, women also try their hand at it and achieve success. Here everything depends on the literacy of the trainer, which must take into account the characteristics of the female body, which by nature is weaker than the male, when constructing a pattern of studies. As for the fears of many representatives of the fair sex that after the training their body will change and become like a male, this is not so. If you do not take steroids in unlimited amounts, then the body will become stronger, but it will not change externally.

Kettlebell lifting and women

Kettlebell lifting is also quite popular amongwomen, since it helps not only to create a beautiful body, but also to develop strength. Among the merits of weights can be called their availability, economy and simplicity. But it is worth remembering that this is a rather complex sport that requires serious preparation and certain physical capabilities. Therefore, it is not recommended to start with weights at once. It is better to first go through a good physical training course, and then move on to heavier workloads. At the same time, studies have shown that such strength training, taking into account the characteristics of female physiology, strengthens the muscles and ligaments of the pelvic floor, improves health and shape. It is best to begin training with weights at an early age, up to 18-20 years, then it is easier to achieve the desired results, if you decide to choose this sport at a later age, you should carefully and rationally approach training without overloading your body.

Powerlifting for women

If you like power sports, thenPowerlifting, perfect for muscle development and health promotion. It is with the help of this sport that you can give your body a relief that you will never get by practicing on the simulators in the gym. Of course, this is much more complicated, but the result is worth it, but the fears that after training your muscles will be as huge as men's, completely groundless, because the female organism is arranged differently and this is impossible. First, due to the fact that women have a too low level of testosterone, which plays a very important role in increasing muscle mass. Secondly, most women do not consume as much protein as they need for muscle growth.

Female armwrestling

Another forceful sport for women is armwrestling.

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Competitions on armwashing among women are collectedmore spectators than similar events among men, but often only those girls who want to perform at a professional level are interested in this kind of sport. Just for themselves, to maintain the beauty and health of such exercises, few people are engaged. </ P>

Another entertaining competition, in whichwomen participate - arm-lifting. In this type of competition, the weight should be lifted by a round rotating knob with a diameter of 60 mm. For the victory in this sport, it is not so much the overall physical preparation, but the strength of the grip, that is important, therefore, in such competitions professional sportsmen often take part.