shot put

Athletics is known to mankind sinceantiquity: it was included in the list of competitions of the very first known to mankind Olympic Games, which included a very limited number of sports, relevant for that time. One of the disciplines is the shot put forward and in this competition both women and men compete.

Track and field athletics: shot put

Competitions for throwing at a distance - this isshot put. The core in this case is called a special sporting projectile, which is used to throw a pushing hand. This discipline is included in the list of technical types of athletics program and refers to throwing.

At first glance, there is nothing in the throwing of the nucleuscomplex, however, this is not so. This kind of sport requires the athlete to force and coordinate movements. Olympic discipline put the nucleus for men for a long time - since 1896, but in the women's competition was included only since 1948. Today, throwing is part of track and field athletics.

Put shot: rules

In the shot put contest, there are alsostrict rules. The throw is performed in a sector measuring 35 °, its top is located in the center of the circle with a diameter of 2.135 meters. The length of the throw is measured as the distance from the outer circle of this circle to the point of incidence of the nucleus.

The weight of the projectile is also established: the shot of the core of the woman is made with a ball weighing 4 kg, and the men - 7, 257 kg (this is exactly 16 pounds). In this case, the kernel should be smooth.

The standards in the shot put are somewhat different for different countries. For example, indicators for Russia can be seen in a special table.

shot put

The athlete engaged in shot putting hasright for 6 attempts. When there are more than eight participants, after the first three attempts, 8 people are selected who continue the competition, and the next three attempts distribute seats between them. The athlete who has taken a position in the circle should take a special pose, in which the nucleus is fixed at the neck or chin. The hand should never fall below this line in the course of throwing. In addition, the projectile can not be taken back beyond the shoulder line.

In addition, there are special rules: so, for example, you can push the core only with one hand, on which there should be no gloves or bandage. In the event that an athlete has a wound on his palm, which must be fixed by a bandage, he must present a hand to the judge, who will decide on admission of the athlete to the competition.