Types of gymnastics

Gymnastics is a wonderful sport,not only to improve their physical health, but also their emotional state. The main types of gymnastics: sports, health and applied. Today we are interested in the first direction in which the competitions are held.

Types of gymnastics

Gymnastics is a system of exercises,which require some training and physical strength, because they contain quite complex elements. It is one of the most ancient sports. In the list of programs of the Olympic Games gymnastics entered in 1896. To date, this sport is very popular. To sports kinds carry: acrobatic, artistic, sports and team gymnastics.

Let's consider each sport of sports gymnastics:

  1. Acrobatic. Implies the implementation of certain exercises, which are based on maintaining the balance and performing rotations. In general, there are 3 groups of exercises: jumps, exercises in pairs and groups.
  2. Artistic. Athletes perform various exercises forMusic. It is allowed to use such things as ribbons, ball, hoop, etc. This kind of gymnastics develops excellent flexibility, coordination, and also improves the condition of all muscles.
  3. Sportswear. Athletes compete in certainshells, as well as in free exercises and supporting jumps. Types of gymnastics artillery shells: floor exercises, horse, rings, support jump, bars, crossbar and log.
  4. Command. Competitions are held among women, men, as well as in mixed teams, which can be from 6 to 12 people. The native land of this direction is Scandinavia.

Competitions are held according to certain rules,and there are also many demands from judges, which must necessarily be followed. They concern both the correct execution of exercises, and the appearance of the athlete.