health gymnastics

Doctors have long proven that any gymnastics in theSome kind of health. When performing exercises, a person not only strengthens his body and allows the muscles not to lose their tone and beautiful outlines, but also trains their immunity, allowing health to be stronger. Especially important is health gymnastics for children - after all, it is designed to instill a habit of physical activity, which means it can protect the baby from problems with the spine and health in general, not only at an early age, but also in later life.

Wellness gymnastics

Complexes of health gymnastics are many, and each has its own direction - some help to fight diseases, for example, osteochondrosis, others are aimed at the overall development of the body.

To date, there is a classification that divides into three groups more than thirty types of health gymnastics that have long been recognized as effective or have been recognized recently:

  1. The first group includes types of gymnastics thatinclude various dance elements. This includes women's gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, aerobics, aerobics, and other varieties, which are loved by many people, which involve the use of elements of a particular dance style (for example, disco gymnastics, jazz gymnastics or modern gymnastics). Such programs for health gymnastics are very popular among women.
  2. The second group includes types of gymnastics,Which presuppose directed influence - for example, the development of specific parts of the body or any specific functions of the body. Ships include fitness, athletic gymnastics, shaping, callanetics, stretching, as well as numerous respiratory and so-called cosmetic gymnastics. Wellness gymnastics for the spine, in view of its narrow focus, also applies to this species, like any other specialized therapeutic and health gymnastics.
  3. The third group includes such kinds of gymnastics,which were formed on the basis of popular oriental systems having a special philosophy and which differ in that the improvement of the body occurs together with the strengthening of the spirit, and this is achieved through the regular performance of special gymnastic exercises. This includes various types of yoga, Chinese gymnastics Taijitsuan, Qigong and others.

In connection with such a variety, it sometimes happensit is difficult to choose the kind that suits you. It is recommended to facilitate your choice in a simple way - to visit several classes of the most varied orientations and choose the one that is most pleasing to you, or meets your needs the most.

improving gymnastics for children

Children's health gymnastics

Wellness morning exercises shouldaccompany your baby from the second-third year of his life. Exercise of various kinds of exercises contributes to the development of the baby, his muscles strengthened, the vestibular apparatus began to work more precisely, and all movements from the totality of these effects were accurate.

Wellness gymnastics are often spent inkindergarten, but do not wait until the time when your baby will go to the garden: to study at home on one of the popular systems can be completely without help. In addition to the general strengthening of the child's body, a positive habit is formed, which will help your child and in adulthood have a tendency to engage in sports.