Qigong for weight loss

If you do not like exercise with great physicalLoad, you can try another milder, but effective option - Qigong for weight loss. What are its advantages? The Qigong health system is not just a set of movements that need to be performed automatically. Each movement has a certain meaning, and they must be done, including not only the muscles of the body, but also the mind. It is through this that you not only can get rid of excess weight, but also learn to control your mood and will always be calm and in good spirits.

Exercises of Qigong for weight loss

First, you just need to get acquainted with three exercises of Qigong gymnastics that will bring you closer to the desired harmony:

  1. «Breath of the frog". This exercise helps to reduce appetite. Sit on a chair, legs are slightly apart, about the width of the shoulders. Legs are bent at the angle of 90 degrees at the knees, feet are firmly pressed to the floor. The left hand squeeze into a fist and cover it with the palm of the right hand. Put your closed hands on your knees, lean forward and bend your forehead in your hands. Close your eyes and relax. Now you need to calm your breathing and try to evoke pleasant memories. As soon as you reach complete relaxation and tranquility, you can proceed to the main exercise. Take a slow deep breath and a slow exhalation through your mouth. Keep your abdominal muscles relaxed. Then comes a "thin" and even breath through the nasal cavity. The abdomen is "inflated" and protrudes forward. Not having typed full lungs of air, hold your breath for 2 seconds, then a short breath and a slow exhalation. It is believed that this exercise allows you to get rid of the "polluted" qi energy. In total, it should take about 15 minutes. After its completion, do not rise abruptly, sit in a relaxed state, then slowly raise your head, rub your hands and open your eyes. You can stretch to stretch your muscles and take a deep breath.
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  3. «Frog swaying on the wave". This exercise is performed lying on the back. Bend the legs in the knees approximately at an angle of 90 degrees, put the feet parallel to each other and firmly press them to the floor. Press one hand with your hand to the chest, and the other to the stomach. When inhaling, expand the chest, and pull the stomach in the opposite direction. On the exhalation, on the contrary, lower the breast, and "inflate" the belly. It turns out a kind of wave. After doing the exercise, also do not rush to go up, lie with your eyes closed, returning to reality. This exercise is recommended to perform if you feel hungry. It allows you to moderate your appetite and be satisfied with a small amount of food without overeating. You can perform it before each meal every day.
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  5. «Lotus budHelps to restore strength and improves exchangesubstances. Sit on a chair or on the floor in a lotus position, put your hands on your knees with your hands up. Keep your back straight, slightly push the lower jaw back, close your eyes. Touch the tip of the tongue of the upper sky. Try to calm your breathing and thoughts, remember something pleasant. The next five minutes focus on breathing, alternate deep and equal breaths and exhalations. The exhalation should be soundless and slow. The muscles of the body are completely relaxed. Five minutes later, another phase begins, an unconscious breath. Stop controlling it and breathe for 10 minutes, ignoring the process.
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Gymnastics Qigong for weight loss - recommendations

It is recommended that the Qigong complex be carried out following several rules:

  • Eliminate from your diet fatty foods and flour products. Eat more vegetables, fruits, drink juices (preferably freshly squeezed), cook fish dishes;
  • The treatment of qigong is best done in the early morning or in the daytime around 16 hours. It is not desirable to do exercises just before bedtime, try to catch at least 2 hours before it;
  • quit smoking and give up alcohol;
  • Do not practice chi kung gymnastics during an exacerbation of inflammatory diseases.