Watermelon benefits and harm for losing weight

Summer is a good time for losing weight. The heat reduces appetite, so the body requires low-calorie food. Vegetables and fruits help saturate the body and carry a small amount of calories.

An excellent assistant in losing weight is watermelon. This fruit contains many useful substances and a huge amount of important for the body in the summer of fluid.

Benefit and harm of watermelon for losing weight

The use of watermelon for weight loss is recognized by all dieticians. There are different diets based on watermelon, but all of them are united by the necessity of consuming at least 1.5 kg of watermelon pulp per day.

Sometimes women doubt whether a watermelon is useful whenLosing weight. Such questions are due to the fact that watermelon is a pretty sweet fruit. However, the calorie content of watermelon is only 30 units per 100 g. Thus, one and a half kilograms of pulp will bring the body only about 450 kcal.

Whether watermelon helps to lose weight can be understood from its properties:

  • Watermelon has a strong diuretic effect, helping to remove excess fluid, and its body can be more than two liters;
  • Watermelon fills the stomach, dulling hunger, bringing a minimum amount of calories;
  • Watermelon contains important substances for the body, which helps the body to better tolerate diet days.

Studying the properties of watermelon, its benefits and harm, it should be borne in mind that this fruit is not useful to everyone. It should not be used by people with such problems:

  • Kidney diseases, since they can not cope with a large amount of fluid, which will lead to internal and external edema;
  • Urolithiasis, especially if the stones exceed 4 mm;
  • A disorder of the stomach, since the watermelon flesh only strengthens diarrhea and leads to dehydration.

In addition, it is worth noting that the first watermelons can be saturated with nitrates, poisoning the body. Therefore, to lose weight with this fruit is only when the real season of watermelons begins.

Is watermelon useful for losing weight?