Benefits of grapes

Juicy and sweet grapes for many a real treat, no worse than the usual sweet dessert. It is doubly pleasant that such delicious berries are also useful.

Vitamins in each berry

The use of grapes for the body is due to the presence in it of a wide range of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.

  1. In the berries found several vitamins of group B,which are vital to man. They take a direct part in most metabolic reactions, so their deficiency leads to a slowing of metabolism. So indirectly the use of grapes helps to normalize the metabolism.
  2. Ascorbic acid, contained in grapes, protects our cells from damage by free radicals. In other words, grapes will help to preserve youth.
  3. The use of grapes also lies in the availabilityvarious acids, which help to assimilate proteins. Therefore, juicy berries are especially useful for those who have low stomach acidity. By the way in this regard, the grapes should be limited to those who have a peptic ulcer disease or gastritis with high acidity.
  4. Mineral salts in the grapes are also very useful.
When there is, and when to refuse?

Despite all the benefits of grapes are not soHarmless, as it may seem. His sweet taste is due to simple carbohydrates, from which, as you know, the chances of getting better are very high. That is why the calorie content of berries is considered quite high, and nutritionists do not recommend eating grapes with a diet. By the way, for the same reason it is contraindicated for people with diabetes. Simple carbohydrates provoke a jump in insulin, this triggers the accumulation of fat deposits and leads to a feeling of hunger.

However, if you follow the figure and very muchLove to eat sweet berries, periodically you can afford grapes for losing weight, but it is better to eat it in the morning, adding to fruit salads, or in the afternoon as a light snack.