pears calories

During weight loss, every calorie is important! The more correctly you compose your diet, the faster and brighter the results will be. It is necessary to take into account not only the caloric content of products, but also the useful substances that are contained in them. It often happens that the weight is only due to a reduced metabolism. The composition and calorie content of the pear makes this fruit an ideal assistant for those who want to lose weight.

Caloric content of a pear

Like most vegetable products, the pear has a fairly low calorie content - only 42 kcal. Of these, 0.4 g of protein, 0.3 g of fat and 10.9 g of carbohydrates.

This allows you to use pears as adessert on a diet. Quite without sweet foods, many sweet tooth are very difficult, and most are broken. Instead of pouncing on an extraordinary cake, it is better to include pears in your diet - it harmonizes your diet, and most importantly, will suit your tastes.

Taking into account the fact that the calorie content of the pear is 42 kcalPer 100 grams, one standard sized fruit weighing 135 grams contains 56 calories. Virtually any other dessert, whether it's cookies, cake, pastries, chocolate or other familiar sweets, at the same weight will be much more caloric.

It is worth noting that the calorie content of the pear yellow (or, as it is also called, sand, Asian), also equals 42 kcal per 100 grams.

Calorie content of dried pear

During drying, dehydration occurs - removalMoisture from the product. It is the moisture that forms the basis of the weight of fruit, so after such a procedure the raw material becomes much easier, but the substances in it concentrate, which provokes an increase in the caloric content of the product.

So, for example, a dried pear has a calorie content249 kcal. Because of this, they are recommended to use for compotes, but do not eat directly in a dry form - this can cause a set of extra calories.

Caloric content of apples and pears

Many believe that the pear is more caloric than an apple. This false conclusion people make, based on the taste of fruit - because the pear is sweeter. But there are more sugars in the apple, and their taste is interrupted by a large number of fruit acids, which are contained in it in a very large amount.

If we compare the caloric content of these two popularfruits, it turns out that the apple is somewhat larger in this indicator: 47 kcal versus 42. The difference in these figures only seems insignificant, because if you eat fruit in large quantities, the gap will increase.

In addition, if the standard pear weighs about 135gram, then the standard apple is 165 grams. Therefore, the calorific value of one pear is 56 kcal, and one apple is 77 kcal. You can easily calculate how this difference will increase if you eat a day at least a couple of fruits.

Pears with diet

For sweet tooth pears - an ideal substitute of sweets in the diet. To make your diet as tasty as possible and do not miss for sweets, try this menu for the day:

  1. Breakfast: oatmeal with slices of pear without sugar.
  2. Second breakfast: a pair of kiwi.
  3. pears calorie content per 100 grams

  4. Lunch: light vegetable soup with a slice of lean meat, or broth with egg.
  5. Snack: half a grapefruit or a small pear.
  6. Dinner: broccoli or cabbage with lean fish or chicken breast.

Note - all sweet is supposed to be eatena separate meal, and preferably in the morning (maximum to 16.00). Dinner should be held no later than three hours before bedtime. If you do not have time to eat during this period - replace the dinner with a glass of skimmed yogurt and go to bed.

With this approach, you quickly lose extra pounds and find a beautiful figure without harm to health and the refusal of delicious dishes.