Watermelon useful properties and contraindications

Homeland of this sweet delicacy some scientistsConsider the south of Africa, where he still meets in the wild. Remember the books of Haggard and Boussinar, where the heroes in the Kalahari desert escaped thirst with wild watermelons. From there the watermelon seeds came to Egypt, and then to the Middle East and the Caucasus, and further to the countries of southern Europe. To date, watermelons are grown all over the world, where there is a suitable climate for this - hot and dry summer. Rainy cool summer is the main enemy of watermelon, it will not be sweet anymore.

What is useful in watermelon?

In the mature sweet watermelon contains a lot ofVitamins: A, B, PP, E. We especially note vitamin B9 (folic acid), without which the human body can not develop normally. It is very important for pregnant women, because it has a beneficial effect on the development of the fetus.

The benefits of watermelon, of course, in its light, but rich composition. Agree, this is palpable, after eating a piece, juicy, sweet and, even, saving, in the summer heat.

Among the mineral elements in the watermelon a lotCalcium, magnesium, sodium and a lot of potassium. Watermelon is very useful for strengthening the heart muscle, prevents the development of atherosclerosis, the formation of stones and sand in the kidneys. It is worth noting its ability to excrete radionuclides from the body. Among other things, the pulp of watermelon is an excellent antidepressant, which will raise the tone and allow you to forget about depression and insomnia. A good ripe watermelon is very useful for children for dessert, it cleanses the kidneys and increases immunity. The vitamins and minerals contained in the watermelon make it the best diuretic product - in many ways, it becomes possible, due to the incredibly high potassium content.

Useful properties and contraindications for watermelon

It must be remembered that the watermelon is categorically contraindicated to diabetics - watermelon, contrary to its useful properties, conceals contraindications.

Calorie content of watermelon is low - only 25 kcal, whichMakes it an excellent dietary product. Watermelon diet or "watermelon starvation" - 3-4 days on watermelon and black bread will help you lose a little extra weight, while cleaning your kidneys, since the product, as we have already mentioned, is the best and at the same time, the most delicious, diuretic .

The harm of watermelon is the work of man. It is very important to note that the number of

The benefit of watermelon

Cases of poisoning by low-quality watermelons, containing a large number of nitrates - it's not a bad watermelon, and those who grow them in bad faith.</ P>

To avoid this, try to avoidEarly fruits, damaged specimens, and, if possible, imported fruits. If you are resting in the south, it is advisable to buy a watermelon directly from the melons, and at least try to make sure that it is a fruit of local origin. If you have friends in the area of ​​watermelon production, ask them to pass with a train conductor a couple of local "handsome", it will be inexpensive and will save you from using questionable products.