chicken eggs good and bad

Chicken eggs - a habitual product for residentsmany countries. This is not surprising, because such a product contains a lot of useful substances and positively affects the health of a person who regularly uses it for food. However, do not forget that with excessive and improper use of eggs, eggs will not benefit, but harm.

The Benefits of Chicken Eggs

Chicken Egg - Unique Balanceda product that gives the body easily digestible protein, vitamins and minerals. It is also interesting that eggs are digested much better in boiled and fried form, but in their raw form they are more dangerous than useful.

Protein of chicken eggs is the source of all necessaryamino acids. On 100 g of product (and this is just about 2 eggs) there are 12.7 g of protein, which is also assimilated by 98%, not inferior in quality to meat and milk protein, and by some indicators even exceeding them.

Chicken eggs enrich the body with a mass of usefulsubstances - vitamins A, B1, B2, B5, B6, B9, B12, E, K, PP, H and D. They contain many minerals - iron, magnesium, sodium, zinc, copper, calcium, phosphorus, iodine, selenium , fluorine, potassium, chromium and others. The only disadvantage of this product is a high fat content (11.6 per 100 g).

Thanks to this composition, chicken eggs favorbring the whole body, contribute to the maintenance of muscle mass, strengthen bones, teeth, have a beneficial effect on the skin, hair, nails and the work of internal organs.

Harm of chicken eggs

Due to the high content of fat in the yolk, this product can not yet be called dietary. It is recommended to eat no more than one yolk per day - the amount of proteins can be much larger.

The danger is hidden in raw eggs - despitethe fact that they better preserve vitamins, such food can well lead to food poisoning due to bacteria and infections that can be contained in them. Especially common is salmonella. That is why eggs are best cooked.

Chicken Eggs for Weight Loss

benefit of chicken eggs

Eggs during the diet can and should be eaten, but it's worth doing it wisely. It is enough just to make a nutritious egg breakfast and adhere to proper nutrition to effectively reduce weight.

Consider the approximate diet of such a diet:

  1. Breakfast: fried eggs / a couple of boiled eggs and tea without sugar.
  2. Dinner: a bowl of soup, 1 piece of bran bread.
  3. Afternoon snack: any fruit or a cup of yogurt.
  4. Dinner: serving of poultry / meat / fish + vegetable garnish.

Eating so, you will lose 1 kilogram per week, and the lost weight will not return. Do not allow yourself anything superfluous, and you will be satisfied with the result.