How much sugar in a watermelon

Season of watermelons is very short and many aspireEnjoy their fresh sweet taste, eating very large portions of this fruit. That is why information about how much sugar is contained in watermelon, is necessary for diabetics and people who want to lose weight.

How much sugar is in the watermelon?

Watermelon is one of the sweetest fruits. The amount of sugar in the watermelon is from 5 to 10 g per 100 g of pulp (depending on the variety), the energy value of this portion is from 45 kcal. The sugar content in the watermelon determines mainly fructose, which predominates over sucrose and glucose.

If you eat watermelon in small portions (by200-300 g), it does not damage health, but it will raise the blood sugar level slightly. The main problem is that people find it difficult to limit themselves to a small portion of sweet pulp, and if you eat a kilogram of watermelon at a time, it will be 50-100 g of sugar.

The danger of sugar in the watermelon grows also because this fruit contains very little fiber, which in its rich products does not give glucose, sucrose and fructose soak too quickly.

With diabetes and obesity, the amount of sugar should be limited. Such people can consume watermelon on 150-200 g three or four times a day, but at the same time limit other carbohydrate foods.

The Benefits of Watermelon

With moderate consumption, watermelon is very useful. Its juice contains many alkalis, which have a positive effect on the kidneys and urinary system. To wash the kidneys sand and stones, eat watermelon every day for 2 weeks. The daily portion is 1-1.5 kg, divided into 5-6 receptions. However, you can use this method only after consulting a doctor.

Watermelon and people suffering from edema help. This fruit has a strong diuretic effect and effectively removes excess fluid. Just do not stand in front of watermelon is something salty. Strongest

Sugar content in watermelon

Diuretic effect is a mixture of watermelon and apple juices. This refreshing medicine is not recommended to drink more than 100 ml once.</ P>

The pulp of watermelon helps to clear the liver of toxic substances. Doctors recommend eating this fruit after taking strong medications and antibiotics.

In addition to sugar, watermelon contains manyuseful substances. It is very important for the cardiovascular system, magnesium, in large quantities contained in the pulp of this fruit. And iron, which is also rich in watermelon, serves as the prevention of anemia.

Watermelon contains many organic acids, as well as vitamins. Thanks to these substances in the body, digestive and metabolic processes are accelerated.