Energy value of an egg

Many people like to start the day with chicken eggs inin one form or another, but girls who diet or watch a figure often wonder whether the energy value of an egg is commensurate with the benefits it brings to the body.

The energy value of a chicken egg

Dietitians all over the world consider chicken eggs as the bestthe beginning of the day, as they occupy the second place after dairy products in terms of the ratio of benefits to the body and calories. They contain everything necessary for the body: proteins, fats, mineral salts, vitamins and much more. Nutritional value of eggs is as follows: 10 g of fats, 1.2 g of carbohydrates and 12.5 g of protein, caloric content of chicken eggs is 149 kcal. The energy value of the boiled egg is slightly higher - 155 kcal. In order to get the most benefit, it's best to boil the hard-boiled egg. Less preferable for eating eggs, as it is fried in oil, and, therefore, more calories.

For those who are actively involved in sports,recommend eating only protein. It completely consists of the substances and proteins necessary for the muscle structure, in addition, it completely lacks carbohydrates and fats. The energy value of egg white in its pure form is only 44 kcal. Undoubtedly, it does not have many useful substances, but in order to diversify the diet, egg white is great. From it you can make an omelette with vegetables or eggs and cheese, at the same time it is necessary to add a minimum of oil.

It is also worth mentioning such a dialerthe popularity of the product is like a quail egg. Its calorie content is higher than that of chicken and is 168 kcal. Despite such small sizes, even one eaten quail egg a day can make up for all the necessary nutrients in the human body. In addition, the eggs of the quail are less susceptible to salmonellosis than chicken eggs.