Litchi fruit useful properties

Litchi fruit, despite its wide abundancemodern stores, is still considered quite an exotic guest on our shelves. This tropical fruit is ubiquitous throughout Asia, in the countries of North Africa, in the last few decades it began to be cultivated in Europe, particularly in the southern regions of France. The birthplace of this fruit is China, so lychee is often called Chinese plum.

Litchi is appreciated for its excellent taste,Widely used in cooking for cooking a wide variety of dishes - salads, sauces, confectionery. Fruit is made from fruit pulp, wine, juice, and also canned.

Benefits of litchi fruit

The flesh of the fruit, hidden by a spiny skin,is a white or cream jelly. It has a unique refreshing sweet and sour taste and a magnificent aroma. Litchi fruit in addition to the excellent taste has a number of useful properties, which are due to its biochemical composition.

The litchi contains pure water, which fortropical latitudes is a special value. In addition, in this fruit a whole storehouse of vitamins and minerals that can significantly replenish the balance of the body, strengthen immunity and restore strength.

  1. Vitamins in lychee are high in ascorbic acid - more than 70 mg per 100 g of pulp, group B (B1, B2, B6, B9), niacin (PP), phylloquinone (K), choline and vitamin E.
  2. The mineral composition includes a whole complex of micro-and macro - 170 mg potassium, 30 mg phosphorus, 10 mg magnesium, calcium, 5 mg, 148 ug copper, smaller doses contained selenium, manganese, iron, fluoride, zinc, sodium, iodine.

Dietary fiber lychee helps cleanse the intestine and improve its peristalsis. Nutritionists recommend eating this fruit to people who have digestive problems, suffer

Benefits of litchi fruit

diseases of respiration, decline of strength and endocrineviolations. For everyone who wants to lose weight, this fruit is a very valuable dietary product, as it helps to speed up the metabolism, removes waste and regulates hormonal balance.</ P>

With a calorie content of only 66 kcal lychee satisfiesOur need for many vitamins and minerals, purifies and stimulates the work of the gastrointestinal tract, having a complex effect on all body systems. This fruit has virtually no contraindications, they should not be abused if you are prone to food allergies and try with caution for the first time.