Ingredients of chicken eggs

Chicken eggs - one of the most valuable for humansproducts. The composition of a chicken egg includes proteins and fats necessary for the functioning of the body, as well as various active biological components - vitamins, micro- and macro elements.

Chemical composition of chicken eggs

The chemical composition of a chicken egg contains:

  • Water - 74%;
  • Proteins - 12.5%;
  • Fats - 12%
  • Carbohydrates - 0,5%;
  • Mineral elements and vitamins - 1%.

The composition of the egg white protein is different from the compositionyolk, in that it lacks fats and higher water content. And yolk, in contrast to protein, contains very few amino acids. The energy value of a chicken egg is 47 kcal (157 kcal per 100 g). A significant portion of the caloric content of the egg (75%) belongs to the yolk.

Significant nutritional value of chicken eggsprovide proteins. Amino acids in chicken eggs are kept in optimal proportions, so they are absorbed by the body almost 100%. For this reason, slimming people and musculature-building athletes often use only egg whites.

The yolk of a chicken egg is one third of fat,A significant part of which is the most important unsaturated fatty acids. Disputes about the dangers and benefits of egg yolk among dieticians call cholesterol. However, in one egg it is not so much - less than the daily rate. Moreover - yolk cholesterol is "neutralized" by another component of the egg - lecithin.

The use of eggs increases the excellent range of vitamins(A, E, PP, D, H, K and Group B), as well as mineral composition, which includes calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, sodium, sulfur, iron and other elements necessary for health.

Talking about the composition of a chicken egg, you can not forget about its shell. The main component of the shell - calcium, but it includes about 30 other useful mineral elements.

Egg chicken nutritional value

Doctors recommend a diet to include in the mixed with lemon juice, crushed shell egg to make up for a lack of calcium.</ P> Harm of chicken eggs

Due to the content of the ovomucoid protein in the egg, thisThe product is highly allergenic. Ovomukoid causes malfunctions in the production of enzymes by the pancreas, which leads to incomplete digestion of foods and exacerbation of allergic symptoms. Limit the content in the diet of eggs should be with hypertension, liver disease, kidney and gallbladder, skin diseases. In addition, eggs can also become a source of pathogenic bacteria. One of the most pathogenic is salmonella. To protect against this microorganism, doctors recommend cooking eggs at least 8 minutes after boiling.