egg white calories

Egg protein is only 10% protein. 90% of its composition is water. Fat, this product practically does not contain, in addition, it completely lacks cholesterol.

The composition of egg white

Egg protein consists of glucose, group vitaminsB and beneficial enzymes. The remaining minerals and vitamins are contained in the yolk. Egg white is the source of niacin, which feeds the brain. Vitamin K contributes to better blood clotting, and choline removes poisons from the liver, and improves memory.

The protein of the egg includes carbohydrates, protein,Mineral substances and amino acids, which are not synthesized by the body on their own. Updating and the formation of tissues and cells of the body is impossible without the use of animal protein. The protein of a chicken egg is almost completely absorbed by the body. The optimal composition of amino acids and maximum digestibility make this product a standard of biological value. Any protein, regardless of origin, is estimated by the amino acid content in comparison with the egg white protein.

How many calories are in egg whites?

The caloric content of the egg white protein is quite low. In 100 grams of this product contains 11 grams of protein and only 44 kcal. Caloric content of boiled egg protein is also equal to 44 kcal in 100 grams. The caloric content of a single egg protein is approximately 18 kcal.

Application of egg white

The use of egg white is quite widespread.

  1. It is used in cooking. It is part of the test and confectionery cream.
  2. Egg white is often an additional ingredient in salads and soups.
  3. In addition, this product is also used as an independent dish in raw, fried and boiled.
  4. Protein of chicken eggs is actively used in cosmetology, making on its basis various means for caring for the body and hair.