Cured fish is good and bad

For human nutrition is very significant anduseful are fish dishes that give the opportunity to satisfy their tastes and benefit the body, since they have high value. Also, fish snacks and dishes are low in calories and very well absorbed. From fish you can cook a huge number of healthy dishes. A great popularity among the varieties of fish found on the shelves of shops, uses dried fish, combining useful properties and excellent taste.

What is useful for dried fish?

If you often eat dried fish, you can greatly help in the destruction of cancer cells, because the fish contains omega-3 acids, which can lead cancer cells to death.

Dried fish helps prevent heart attack. During the research it was found that weekly consumption of dried fish can reduce by almost half the risk of a heart attack.

Women who drink 2-3 times a weekDried fish can reduce the risk of stroke by 48%, so the question of whether dried fish is available in moderation for women has an affirmative answer.

Benefit and harm of dried fish

If the dried fish is prepared with observance of allTechnology, it is completely harmless. Harm can only occur if the fish are caught in dirty bodies of water or disturb the drying process. And failure to comply with the standards of storage and transportation can lead to the most undesirable, and sometimes dangerous consequences. For example, in the production can be used shock frost or a large dose of salting, so the factory fish is also not immune from spoilage. Dried fish should be chosen with care. The quality products have natural coloration, unmixed scales, a firm back and dry gills.