Durian useful properties

In an instant, cure all colds and infectious diseases.disease - is this possible? Of course, if you find out more about the useful properties of durian. The most interesting thing is that this spherical fruit of a tropical tree can have up to 10 kg of weight. And during the ripening period, the air is enveloped by the scent of freshly cut grass.

What durian taste?

Like any exotic fruit, durian hasunusual taste. Not having tasted this delicacy, it is difficult to imagine what it really is. Thus, the taste of the fruit is a mix of aromatic custard and papaya. Only if the first acquaintance with the fruit ended in disappointment due to the fact that the durian left a bitter taste in his mouth, that means the fruit was overripe. In the case when he has neither taste nor smell, it is important to remember that the fruit is still quite green.

What is useful durian?

The flesh of this fruit is 40% carbohydrates, 10% fat and3% of proteins. And, after eating 100 g of product, you can satisfy the daily requirement of your own organism in ascorbic acid. From this it follows that durian with ease will cure any infectious diseases. And indole, which is part of the pulp, has a bactericidal effect on the entire body.

In addition, the considerable use of durian is in organic sulfur. It is thanks to her that she will always have healthy hair and perfect skin. Moreover, sulfur removes toxins from the body.

In addition to using this tropicalFruit will be able to strengthen immunity, it will help improve the cardiovascular and nervous system. To this we should add that the fruit contains a hormone of joy, responsible for a good mood.

Representatives of the strong half of humanity durian help raise the potency, giving a pleasant ending to a romantic evening.

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