Congryo fish is good and bad

Shrimp fish kongrio is called so because,That the taste of her fillet slightly resembles the taste of shrimp. Obtain it off the coast of Australia and New Zealand, so in the rest of the country it falls only in the frozen form. She is not eaten every day, because few know about the benefits and harms of Kongrio fish. Although nutritionists note its high nutritional value.

What are the properties of the benefits of Kongrio fish?

Like any other sea fish, Kongrio canboast a significant content of omega-3 fatty acids and zinc. However, at the same time, it has a low caloric value - only 94 kcal / 100 grams. In addition, the use of shrimp fish ling due to the fact that in its meat contains rare amino acids that are not produced in the human body, and it has vitamins A, D and B12, phosphorus, potassium and magnesium.

The opinion of nutritionists about the benefits and harms of Kongrio fish

According to doctors, Kongrio should regularlyEat in order to normalize their metabolism. Its fillets, boiled, steamed, baked without butter - this is an excellent dietary dish, shown to diabetics and people with diseases of the zhkt. In addition, due to the presence of omega-3, fish helps to strengthen immunity, optimize liver function, can be considered as a preventive against cancer. Meat of kongrio is a valuable source of protein, which is well absorbed and then serves as a building material for cells, which leads to their renewal. And this, in turn, helps to improve well-being, increase vitality. Fish well satiates and prevents the appearance of extra pounds.

In addition to benefits, harm from using shrimpfish kongrio can also be. True, it is contraindicated only to people who are prone to allergies, and those who have an individual intolerance of this product.