Than useful papaya

Although this exotic fruit appeared oncounters of our stores relatively recently, he has already fallen in love with many men and women. But, rich unusual taste is not the only dignity of papaya, and what it is useful for and we will talk now.

Useful properties and contraindications of papaya

A substance called papain, which is contained inThis fruit is able to improve the digestion and assimilation of food in the stomach and intestines. For this reason, the fetus is recommended to people who are trying to establish metabolic processes in the body.

Also to the beneficial properties of papaya fruit can beTo carry a large amount of vitamin A and C in it, eating at least one fruit a week, you can forget about colds forever, because the immune system will work like a clock. Famous for this fruit and as an effective antipyretic agent, acetylsalicylic acid in its composition helps to bring down the temperature, and fruit juice is often used for this.

As for contraindication, doctorsWarn that this fruit can not be eaten during pregnancy, since the substances contained in it can provoke miscarriage. Do not use papaya and those who suffer from diarrhea or increased gas production, the situation will only worsen.

papaya fruit useful properties

What is useful for papaya for women's health?

A large amount of iron in the fruit makes itAn excellent remedy for PMS, and B vitamins help to maintain the density of hair and smoothness of the skin. Useful properties of papaya for women are also in the fact that the fruit contains calcium and zinc, which helps strengthen bones, because it is girls who often suffer from a shortage of these minerals.

However, doctors warn that it is not necessary to eatmore than 1 fruit per week, since a strong allergic reaction or diarrhea may develop. But if the girl does not exceed the norm of papaya use, there should not be any negative reactions from the body.