Vitamins in watermelon

The most popular and favorite berry in summer is watermelon, in many countries it is absorbed in tons. Let's see what vitamins are contained in the watermelon.

In the pulp of this berry a lot of ascorbic acid and carotene, these substances strengthen human health and protect it from aging.

Are there vitamins in the watermelon?

Surely, many asked this question before buying this berry, so we will understand together.

  1. Among all vitamins contained in watermelonB9 is released (about 8 μg per 1 kg), which is also called folic acid. It is necessary for the human body to develop normally, and the skin is beautiful and smooth. B9 is needed for lactating women, as it contributes to an increase in the amount of milk. Let us further consider what other vitamins are in the watermelon.
  2. The next most important is vitamin C (about 7Mkg per 1 kg). Everyone knows how useful this vitamin is, but not many use it for the prevention of sclerosis, but in vain. He also struggles with nitrates, which are not often added to watermelon.
  3. Another antioxidant that gives watermelonRed color is vitamin A (about 17 μg per 1 kg). It positively affects the vision, metabolism and synthesis of proteins. The lack of this vitamin in the human body can lead to blindness.
  4. Other vitamins in the watermelon are also contained in a rather large amount: vitamin PP (0.2 mg), beta carotene (0.1 mg), vitamins B1 (0.04 mg), B2 (0.06 mg), B6 ​​(0 , 09 mg), vitamin E (0.1 mg).

Thanks to this vitamin content, you do not haveThere should be questions about the usefulness of this berry. What vitamins are rich in watermelon, we found out, and as for useful microelements, there are also a huge number of them.

What is useful summer berry?

  1. Magnesium in the watermelon is a lot (12 mg per 1 kg), and thisMeans that this berry is simply necessary for people who have problems with the heart and kidneys. Having eaten two small pieces, you get the daily rate of this element. Magnesium is also necessary for muscle and nerve tissue, it does not allow you to debug salts and form stones. And what could be better than a delicious watermelon from a bad mood? Magnesium will help to accumulate strength, concentrate attention and will give the chance to always be cheerful and cheerful.
  2. Calcium in watermelon (14 mg per 1 kg), positivelyAffects the blood vessels of a person, which means that the berry should be eaten by those who have problems with pressure. Like magnesium, it prevents the appearance of kidney stones and stabilizes the nervous system.
  3. Iron occupies not the last place in the list of useful substances (1 mg per 1 kg). Its presence in the body helps to increase the level of hemoglobin, as well as it saturates the cells with oxygen.
  4. Potassium in watermelon is greater than other elements(110 mg per 1 kg). It promotes diuretic action on the body, it is necessary to know people who suffer from cystitis and from the presence of stones in the body.
  5. Are there vitamins in the watermelon

  6. Also in the watermelon is sodium (16 mg per 1 kg) and phosphorus (7 mg per 1 kg).

Some interesting facts

There are a lot of vitamins in the watermelon, but there are still watersMore, about 90%. Thanks to the fact that there is fructose in this berry, it can be eaten by diabetics. A large amount of fiber contributes to the improvement of the intestine, as it absorbs many toxins.

Watermelons are an effective remedy to get rid ofFrom extra pounds. Due to the diuretic effect, it removes excess fluid from the body, and this is about 2 kg. Also watermelon reduces the desire to eat, as it fills the stomach with liquid. As for calories, in 100 g of flesh of this berry contains only 38 kcal. So enjoy this useful berry in the summer with great pleasure.