what vitamins in grapes

When you eat grapes, you do not know,how many useful substances get into your body. Let's fix this, and we'll figure out what vitamins are in the grapes, and why it's so useful. This summer berry - will help maintain your health in perfect condition.

What vitamins contain grapes?

First, let's figure out what vitamins are contained in grapes.

  1. B vitamins are excellentantidepressants for each person, then by eating a few berries or drinking a juice you instantly improve your mood. Also vitamins of this group have a positive effect on the condition of your hair, nails and skin. Thanks to these berries you can get rid of acne and other irregularities on your face. Vitamin B9 significantly improves the process of hematopoiesis. And so, in 100 g of berries are: B1 - 0.05 mg, B2 - 0.02 mg, B5 - 0.06 mg, B6 - 0.09 mg and B9 - 2 μg.
  2. Grapes contain vitamin C, about 6 mg. Using this berry, you can not be afraid that you will pick up any virus. So your skin will be under constant supervision, which means it will look very smooth and supple. For rapid absorption of vitamin C, berries contain vitamin P (0.3 mg), which also stores it in the body and, moreover, normalizes the pressure.
  3. Vitamin A - 5 mcg, E - 0.4 mg, H - 1.5 mcg, and Beta-carotene - 0.03 mg.

Grapes must be eaten, with diseasesstomach, heart, intestines and blood vessels, as well as problems with the lungs and bronchi. Vitamins contained in grapes help you maintain the body in perfect condition.

Microelements in grapes

what vitamins are contained in grapes

Now let's figure out which micronutrientsare in the grapes. Among them there is potassium, which in 100 g is approximately 225 mg, thanks to which the work of the heart and kidneys is greatly improved. Also in the grapes are: calcium (30 mg), magnesium (17 mg), sodium (26 mg), phosphorus (22 mg) and a little more chlorine, sulfur, iron, zinc, iodine, copper and manganese.

In general, there are a lot of grapesbiological substances that make it so useful. It is very important to eat not only the flesh, but also the peel and bones. Still a lot of useful substances are in the leaves. Thus, eating this berry, you can improve your health, get rid of pain in joints, and also improve your psychological state. Grape juice takes the first place among others, as it tones up and strengthens the body, helps restore strength and get rid of fatigue.