Vitamins in food

Food is the main source of usefulsubstances for the human body. Particular attention should be paid to the availability of vitamins in food. They help not only to maintain health, but also the ideal shape and beauty of the body.

What affects the content of vitamins in food?

There are several important aspects that have a direct effect on the concentration of nutrients:

  1. Variety and variety of the product. As you know, the greatest concentration of nutrients is found in fresh fruits and vegetables.
  2. Also, the number of vitamins is affected by the method and shelf life. When stored in the refrigerator after 3 days, up to 30% of useful substances are lost, and at room temperature up to 50%.
  3. With constant contact with light rays, vitamins also break down.
  4. Method of processing. With prolonged heat treatment, a large number of useful substances are destroyed. Therefore, the ideal option is to prepare dishes for a couple.
  5. Many manufacturers add preservatives and other substances to food that destroy vitamins. Also, the concentration of vitamins in foods grown in greenhouse conditions is reduced.
  6. If you remove the peel from fruits and vegetables, the amount of nutrients is significantly reduced.
  7. Negative effect on the concentration of vitamins frost, mechanical treatment, pasteurization, etc.
What vitamins are there in food?

There are a lot of useful substances that are necessary for life, but among them one can distinguish:

  1. Vitamin A. The most important for visual acuity. In large quantities found in citrus fruits, carrots, green vegetables, eggs and liver.
  2. Vitamins of group B. Favorably affect the activity of the nervous system. These useful substances should be found in meat, milk, fish, beans, porridges, mushrooms, etc.
  3. Vitamin D. It is necessary for normal growth and developmentskeleton, as well as to prevent osteoporosis in adulthood. Most of all vitamin D in dairy products, as well as in fatty fish and other seafood.
  4. Vitamin E. It is the basis of youth and fertility of the body. This substance is necessary to search for products with a high content of vegetable fats, such as nuts and oils.
  5. Vitamin C. Strengthens the body's immunity and increases protective functions before the action of viruses and infections. Most of it is contained in vegetables, citrus, dogrose, berries and fruits.

Table of vitamins in food

table of vitamins in food