What vitamins in pear

This fruit has a sweet and rich taste,In addition, the price of it in stores is often quite acceptable, so it is not surprising that it can often be found on our tables. But, before eating these fruits, let's figure out what vitamins are in the pear and whether the fruit will benefit everyone.

What vitamins are contained in the pear?

In this fruit there are vitamins of group B, whichare necessary for the normal functioning of the human nervous system. In one fruit you will find trace elements В1, В2, В5, В6 and В9, these substances are necessary for the development of nerve fibers and their work. In addition, these vitamins in the pear are in a fairly large amount, for example, trace element B1 contains 0.02 mg and B5 0.05 mg.

In fruits, there are also vitamins E, C and A, they are necessary to maintain the body's immune system, increase skin turgor and strengthen the walls of blood vessels.

Vitamins contained in the pear helpget rid of depression, reduce the negative impact of chronic stress on the body and slow the aging of the skin. It is for these reasons that doctors recommend using this fruit to those who constantly feel tired or can not afford to spend at least an hour a day in the fresh air.

But, the benefit of a pear lies not only invitamins, but also in the minerals that are present in its composition. In the fruit you can find potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, silicon, sulfur and magnesium, and these minerals in the fruits contain quite a lot. These substances help to increase hemoglobin, improve metabolism, reduce swelling, promote the normalization of the intestine, increasing its peristalsis.

What is the most important vitamin in the pear?

Most of this fruit contains vitamin C,in one medium-sized fruit you will find 4 mg of this substance. Of course, compared to citrus, the amount of ascorbic acid in the pear is difficult to call significant, but for those people who can not eat oranges or lemons because of allergies, these fruits are just a salvation. Eating only 2-3 pears a day, you can not be afraid of vitamin C deficiency, and therefore forget about colds and ARD.

The second place in this list is taken by vitamin E,it contains 0.4 mg in the pear. Vitamin E is not for nothing called a substance of beauty, it helps to maintain the smoothness of the skin and prevent its premature aging.

Pear vitamins composition