What vitamins are in dill

This greens is added to many dishes, it is not only tasty, but also useful, there is no doubt about it, because the presence of vitamins in dill has long been known to most people.

What vitamins are found in dill?

In the composition of dill, there is vitamin C, in 100 g of greeneryContains about 100 mg of this substance, as well as beta carotene. Thanks to the availability of these microelements, this herb helps to strengthen immunity, restore the body after colds and avoid infection of ARI. Talking about what vitamins are in dill, you can not forget the substance, which people called the youth generator, that is, vitamin E. Of course, it is much less in green than the micronutrients already mentioned, but still the amount of this substance is quite high, 100 g of grass accounted for about 1 mg. By including this herb in your diet, you help maintain skin elasticity and reduce the likelihood of early appearance of wrinkles.

Talking about what other vitamins contain dill,It is necessary not to mention the vitamins of group B. These substances help to normalize metabolic processes, increase the general tone of the organism, about 1 mg of these microelements are found in 100 g of greenery. Eating dill can restore the work of the nervous system, strengthen the cardiovascular system and even get rid of digestive problems. All this is possible due to the presence of B vitamins in this herb.

There are dill and potassium in the composition,Necessary for the normal operation of the heart muscle. This greens is recommended to those who are actively involved in sports or recovering from heart attacks. It is not necessary to eat it a lot, it is enough to even add 100 g of herbs to a salad or other dish, this is enough to get the right amount of vitamins and trace elements.

Vitamins in dill