what vitamins in nectarine

In the summer on the shelves of stores there are manyvarious fruits, including peaches and nectarines, which are loved by many people. These fragrant and sweet fruits attract people not only with their magnificent taste, but also because they contain a lot of useful substances. The presence of vitamins in nectarines makes them an excellent dessert, which not only will taste to adults and children, but will also help to strengthen immunity.

What vitamins are in nectarine?

In this fruit you will find vitamins A, E, and C, allthey are necessary for the normal functioning of the body system. Vitamin C helps to strengthen immunity, increases the body's resistance to various harmful bacteria and viruses, helps reduce the likelihood of such ailments as stomatitis. Vitamins A and E are necessary for those who care about the beauty and youth of their skin, they increase the turgor of the epidermis. But, the listed substances are far from everything, what this fruit is rich in, B and K - that's what vitamins are still contained in nectarine. Group B promotes the normalization of the gastrointestinal tract, and vitamin K is necessary for the synthesis of proteins in the body.

Vitamins in Peaches and Nectarines

vitamins in nectarines

are contained in a sufficiently large number,of course, if you eat one fruit a day's norm of these substances you will not get, but if you daily pamper yourself with 2-3 fruits, you can forget about taking those supplements and supplements that are sold in pharmacies and taken during the vitamin deficiency with a light heart. Experts recommend eating at least 1-2 fetuses per day for adults, and from 0.5 to 1 fruit for children, of course, those who have an allergy to nectarines or peaches, it is better to refrain from using them. Moreover, these fruits have minerals, fiber and organic acids, so using them, you can also make up for the deficiency of these substances.</ P>