How to choose ripe pineapple

"What would you eat to lose weight?"- often think about fans of diets. As funny as it sounds, but such a product is, and tasty and useful, and has long been a favorite - pineapple. But to enjoy his taste in full, you need to know how to choose the ripe, and hence delicious pineapple.

It is not necessary to be frightened at once, they say, the fruit is exotic,This is not the same as carrots in the market to choose. There is nothing difficult in the choice of pineapple, you will need only a little care and firmness of character, so as not to succumb immediately to the persuasions of sellers (if the case is not in the store self-service). While there is no experience in choosing tasty pineapples or it is not enough, you can use the following rules.

Rules for choosing pineapple

  1. The choice of pineapple begins with a visual inspection. It is believed that the ripe pineapple should be a smooth yellow-brown color. But you can choose a good ripe pineapple, both with yellow, and with a greenish color. So if there are small areas of green on the fruit, do not immediately put it aside, check it for ripeness on other items, perhaps this is what you need.
  2. The rind of mature pineapple should be soft, butElastic. Sour fruit has a firm, dense skin. Lightly press on the side of the fruit. Skin sprung under your fingers? Well, most likely, this pineapple was ripped off by ripe. If, however, pressing on the fruit, you have experienced the same sensations as when squeezing the door handle in the palm of your hand, then this pineapple is unlikely to appeal to you. By the way, there is an opinion that immature pineapple can ripen if left to lie down. Nothing like this, the broken pineapples do not ripen, the crust can still turn yellow (darken), but on the palatability it will not have a positive effect. And why do you have unsweetened pineapple?
  3. Perhaps you will be surprised, but in order to chooseMature pineapple, you need to remember how to choose watermelons, slapping the palm over the fruit. Slightly pat the pineapple and listen to what sound it makes. If the sound is deaf, pineapple ripe, take it, you will not regret it.
  4. Another good sign of ripeness of pineappleIs its "tail". Leaflets should be green, slightly podvyavshie, but not dry, and should be easily separated from the fruit. Experts advise not just to pull the leaves, but to try turning the "tail" of pineapple to 90-180o, if you succeed, the fruit is ripe.
  5. Before buying pineapple, you need to know how to properlyChoose not only ripe, but also fresh pineapple. Again, the crust of fruit will help in determining this parameter. Do you see if there are dark, brown spots on it? If there are such, then this is a sure sign that the pineapple is overripe.
  6. Do not hesitate to sniff the pineapple, especially ifThe sense of smell is well developed. Ripe, fresh fruit has a sweet, pleasant and delicate aroma. If the pineapple smells too sweet and the flavor is rather heavy than tender,

    How to choose the right ripe pineapple

    Most likely this fruit has overridden and in it the fermentation processes are already in full swing.
  7. And one more important sign of good pineappleThis is its price. To get the fruit on the shelves fresh, their delivery is organized with the help of air transport, and this type of transportation is not expensive. If the supplier used the services of sea carriers, the pineapple can be cheaper. But as the sea was on the road for a long time, the risk of acquiring a ripe pineapple increases. So if you are offered to buy well, very cheap fruit, double-check them, or even three times before buying. But taking the axiom as "expensive means good" is also not worth it. Sellers may well ask for high prices for an average quality product.

Perhaps the first time you will spend an inexcusable amount of time to choose a pineapple. Do not be discouraged, having trained in this business, you will discover delicious and ripe pineapples in a couple of minutes.