How to choose champagne

In our country, champagne is considered a mandatory New Year attribute. And in fact, the sales volumes of champagne significantly increase just under the New Year.

But besides this, champagne is drunk on eachCelebration, and also often presented as a gift. And since the purchase of this drink is not an easy task, we want to tell you how to choose the right champagne.

To begin with, we note that there is no single correctChoosing the best champagne. Many firms produce good champagne, and each of them has far more than one kind. Therefore, in the question of how to choose real champagne, you need to focus not only on the reputation of the manufacturer, but also on your taste preferences. To do this, you need to understand what kinds of champagne there are.

What can help in choosing champagne?

Champagne differs in sugar content. Here are the types of champagne in order of increasing the mass fraction of sugar:

  • Champagne Extra-Brut contains up to 6 grams of sugar per liter;
  • Champagne Brut contains up to 15 grams of sugar per liter;
  • Champagne Dry contains 15 to 25 grams of sugar per liter;
  • Champagne Semi-Dry contains 40 to 45 grams of sugar per liter;
  • Champagne Semi-Sweet white contains from 60 to 65 grams of sugar per liter;
  • Champagne Semi-Sweet red contains from 80 to 85 grams of sugar per liter.

It is believed that real champagne shouldProduced without the addition of sugar. That is, gourmets prefer to drink brut, or dry champagne. But such champagne is a bit sourish and not all people will like this drink. And according to world standards this champagne can not be pink or red.

So how to choose the right champagne to taste? The simplest option is the tasting of these sparkling wines, where you can determine what content of sugar in champagne you like. If you do not have such an opportunity, then you can choose the method of selection by choosing one of them.

How to choose quality champagne?

You can evaluate the quality of champagne by the following criteria:

  1. Choosing between champagne, corkedPlastic stopper and cork, it is better to give preference to the second option. On the quality of champagne this may not be strongly affected, but the use of a cork plug indicates the seriousness and conscientiousness of the manufacturer.
  2. Turn over the champagne bottle and look at thebottom. It should not have sediment, turbidity, flakes. Otherwise, this indicates a poor-quality product or incorrect storage conditions for champagne.
  3. After the champagne is poured into the glass, a thick foam forms, which quickly settles. And after she sits in the glass should remain a small ring of foam.
  4. If you leave a glass of champagne for someTime, it should not be "exhausted". A good indicator is the maintenance of sparkling during 10 hours. But some brands keep sparkling and in a day.
  5. Do not buy cheap champagne. If you see that the price of a particular bottle of champagne is much lower than the price of champagne from other producers, then it is better not to buy champagne.

    Which champagne to choose

  6. This champagne is produced only in bottles with dark glass. If champagne is poured into a light container, then the probability of distortion of the taste of the product when exposed to sunlight is high.
  7. On champagne there should be no inscriptions indicating the presence of extraneous tastes or flavors. Otherwise, such a product is no longer considered champagne.

Now, thanks to our advice, you know which champagne to choose on the shelves in the store. We wish you not to make a mistake with the choice, and drink only real champagne.