Red caviar how to choose

Red caviar is still for some categoriesThe population remains a delicacy. And although its price for today is not so high, still on the everyday table you do not meet red caviar every day. And since we rarely buy this product, we often do not know how to choose the right red caviar. Unfortunately, the existing quality standards are not always respected by manufacturers. And often under the guise of red caviar they are not selling a real product, but created synthetically. And it is very insulting when you pay a considerable amount for a fake, but even worse, when instead of the expected benefits artificial red caviar harms your health. Therefore, do not be frivolous to the question of how to choose high-quality red caviar. It is better to arm yourself with knowledge, and not become a victim of unscrupulous entrepreneurs.

Which packaging should I choose?

Red caviar is sold in three different packages: On weight (plastic containers), in a tin can and in a glass container. When buying red caviar in a tin can, you buy a cat in a bag, you can determine what is inside there, only after you open the can. Of course, before choosing eggs in the bank the next time, you will already be guided by the previous experience, and you will know whether to take caviar of this or that trademark. But for the first time you can not guess with a choice. From this point of view, caviar in a glass jar is preferable - you can visually assess the size and integrity of eggs, their color, density, and turning the jar even friability. And only taste you will feel at home. But you must agree, these criteria are enough to protect yourself from a poor-quality product.

Caviar for weight loss is a special category. Buying caviar without packaging, you are at great risk. There is neither the name nor the details of the manufacturer, nor the date of production. Also, you can not be sure that this is just a natural product, not a synthetically created one. But there is a choice of red caviar for weight and its advantages - you can evaluate its external characteristics, as well as the smell and, importantly, taste. Probably, in all developed countries of the world no one will ever buy red caviar by weight. At us in the country with it a situation special. Such caviar happens (we emphasize the word "happens", since this is not a rule, but rather an exception) is much better and more natural than any industrial caviar. This is connected with the inclination of factory workers to produce industrial caviar to sell the product "on the side". But this is only information to think about what red caviar to choose - it's up to you.

How to choose a good salmon caviar?

Salmonids include the following species of fish (and, accordingly, roe) - pink salmon, trout, keta, sockeye salmon, coho salmon. Let's characterize in a few words each kind of salmon roe:

Pink salmon - The color is orange or even dark orange, the diameter of the eggs is about 5 mm. The shell is soft, it bursts easily.

Trout - The color of the eggs can be from yellow to bright orange, the diameter of the eggs is only 2-3 mm.

Ket - Color amber-orange, size of eggs 5-6 mm. It differs in a dense shell.

Nerka - The color of eggs from red to burgundy, the diameter is 3-4 mm.

Coho - Color burgundy, diameter of eggs is 3 mm. The taste of caviar is bitter.

How to choose a good caviar

How to choose the right red caviar?

Good caviar should meet the following requirements:

  • The diameter of the eggs should be the same, and the color - homogeneous;
  • Eggs should fit snugly together and there should not be dents in the pips;
  • There should not be broken shells, protein inclusions, sediment and especially mold;
  • When caviar is applied to a sandwich, the eggs should be easily separated from each other;
  • No large oil droplets should be visible.