How to choose meat

So historically, one of the mainThe products of our menu is meat. It was because of him that primitive people hunted mammoths, and medieval knights kept whole herds of domestic animals and birds. And now there are private farmsteads and whole state farms for breeding and growing meat breeds of large and small cattle, pigs and rabbits, chickens and turkeys, geese and ducks. And not tricky. After all, without a good piece of meat, do not cook a rich borscht, nor a fragrant pilaf, nor the beloved salad "Olivier". But just going to the market for shopping, you need to know how to choose the right and fresh meat.

In a store or market?

If you live in a village and keep your livestock andThe bird's yard, the question of where to buy and how to choose good rabbit or pork meat, disappears by itself. But the inhabitants of the metropolis face a choice, to buy meat in the supermarket or in the market. It would seem that you can guess here, go to any store and choose what your heart desires, but there it was. Often in large shopping centers the goods lie longer than expected. He is often revived and given away for a fresh one. This was somehow warned on TV. And what about the market? There, too, of course, everything is different. But meat, lying openly on the counter, you can carefully inspect, sniff and touch. After all, the bazaars sell mostly chilled, not frozen products. And do not miss with the purchase you will help elementary knowledge of the rules, how to choose meat on the market, and simple mindfulness.

General rules, how to choose meat of different varieties

So, when buying a good piece of meat on soup, roast, shish kebab or minced meat you need to use simple and common rules for all sorts of meat. Here they are:

  1. Estimate the appearance. Going to the counter, the first thing we do isConsider the goods. We are interested in color, the presence or absence of films and stains, as well as a dried up crust that speaks about the length of stay of meat in the open air. The color of pork should be pink, the veal is slightly darker than that of pork. Good fresh beef and lamb should be red, but lamb is brighter and more saturated. Fat on any type of meat should be white, not yellow, and distributed evenly throughout the piece. Light wind is allowed, but the spots and mucous membranes speak of not the first freshness.
  2. We touch and twist. After looking at a beautiful piece, take it in your hands andMake sure that it is good on all sides, and not just with a showy "face." Then push on any place of the meat pulp and see how it behaves. If the meat is fresh, your fingerprint will disappear after 3-5 seconds. Well, and if it's been 5-7 minutes already, and the track is still clearly visible, safely leave. Here they sell long-overdue goods.
  3. Sniff, too, does not interfere. Another important indicator of freshness isnice smell. We, the people, are in their root predators. The smell of a recently killed and properly refreshed animal causes us to salivate and a strong desire to quickly build something from such meat. But unscrupulous traders often mask a slightly spoiled smell of vinegar and dyes, and this must be known and remembered. If you do not like the smell, take a paper napkin and touch it to a piece. The presence of dyes will give off a toxic chemical red color left on the napkin.

It remains only to note how to choose the right meat for shish kebab, minced meat, steak, for the first dish and for the roast.

How to choose the right meat

There's nothing cunning about this, either. Meat for cabbage soup or borscht should be on the bone, for roasting it is better to take a felet. If you want to fry a steak, choose a pork stratum. And for luscious fragrant shish kebab, lamb is suitable. Minced meat is better to make a mixed of two or three varieties of meat of different fat. For example, from lean beef, lard with interlayer and chicken fillet.</ P>

And finally

Now, armed with knowledge of how to choose the right fresh meat on the market, go boldly for shopping. And let it be from your kitchen that the most appetizing and tempting smells come.