How to check honey for naturalness

Honey has long been a revered productThanks to its unique properties. Complex and rich chemical composition add to it popularity in the field of medicine, as it has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. Naturally, only natural honey has all these useful properties, and artificial analogs lose greatly, including in terms of taste. About what is natural honey and how to test it for authenticity, we'll talk in this article.

First of all, let us note what kind of honey we are trying toto avoid. First, diluted with honey additives - because none of us wants and should not overpay for the sake of an unscrupulous seller. Secondly, not ripe - which is also a sign of the hurry of the beekeeper in pursuit of profit, since this honey contains more water, quickly begins to wander and loses its taste. Thirdly, it is honey, obtained by bees, which were fed with ordinary sucrose. It is very difficult to call it useful and nutritious.

How can I immediately check honey for naturalness?

Since there is not always an opportunityTo check whether the real honey, without additional "experiments", you must first rely on your feelings. To begin with, natural honey has a unique fragrant aroma, which is difficult to synthesize chemically. Try honey - after a while the tongue can slightly pinch, there will be a pleasant viscosity - a sure sign of good honey. Taste sensations will tell you in questions how to check lime or buckwheat honey - these sorts have special flavors, which even the inexperienced person in this area will distinguish. In addition, real honey is often heterogeneous: wax from honeycombs, wings of bees and other natural material can leak during filtration and indicate the authenticity of this honey.

How to properly check honey for supplements at home?

On the chalk: Will help vinegar or any strong acid. Honey with chalk must "zashipit" and foam.

How to test honey with iodine on starch? If, by adding a few drops to the product, you notice blueness - do not buy honey from this seller.

On the water: Quality honey, if you wind it on a spoon,Will continue to stretch, but diluted - tearing and splashing. Another way, dip a piece of black bread in honey - bread absorbs the moisture of honey and will be covered with a "crust". Also remember that a liter of honey weighs about 1.4 kg. If less, the beekeeper tries to outwit you.

How to check honey for sugar?

It is peculiar to honey to be sugar-coated, it becomes verySolid and crystallized. Unfortunately, many people confuse such honey with fake, although from time it becomes only more intense and tastier. And unclean sellers often use it. Honey with sugar is really difficult to distinguish from "sat down", the main signs are a very white color, a faint aroma and insufficient astringency.

We add that sometimes beekeepers can not sellGood, but sitting honey, and because of this dissolve it on a slow fire. But only if the heating is not more than 40 ° C, we can confidently state that honey will not lose its useful properties.

How to properly check honey

How else can I check whether honey is natural?

The surest way is to find "your" seller. If possible, it would be wonderful to buy honey from a beekeeper, whom you know personally and in whose honesty you do not doubt. A real beekeeper is insanely busy from May to October with his apiary, which you can easily track.

Alas, all these methods do not give a 100% guaranteeThe naturalness of the product, since only the chemical laboratory can test honey for naturalness with an absolutely accurate result. However, this should not stop you in trying to find an honest and responsible beekeeper who can supply excellent honey.