Meat for shish kebab

Shish kebab is a good thing, but to make it tasty you do not have to make a mistake with the choice of "raw materials", and also know how to cut meat properly on a shish kebab.

How to choose meat for shish kebab?

Which meat is better to take for a shish kebab? Naturally fresh, but not paired - from such meat shish kebab will turn out to be tough. The best for cooking shish kebab (and not only) is considered chilled meat, so if there is an opportunity, it is better to choose it. If you buy frozen meat, beware of re-freezing it. Distinguish the meat, which was frozen twice you can by the pinkish color of the ice crystals. Also, such meat will not change its color when pressed and will remain pinkish-gray, whereas quality meat will change the color from dark red to a more brownish shade. But be wary of colored meat, for example, in manganese. Pay attention to the color of the fat, if it is a pinkish color, then the meat is clearly tinted. Fresh meat has fat and interlayers of white or cream color. If you buy meat in the package, then check whether it is not streaked, but on the meat itself brown or gray spots. In the presence of one of the signs, meat should not be taken - it was thawed, and the beginning spoils.

What kind of meat is better for shish kebab?

If you ask the company about what kind of meat,in their opinion, the best for barbecue, the high-profile debate will not avoid it - everyone has their own preferences. Therefore, such a question to ask is not necessary, and it is better to choose what you like. But to get a tasty barbecue, choose meat with relevant parts of the carcass.

For a shish kebab from beef it is better to take a loin or a tenderloin. From the back foot for cooking shish kebab, you can take only the inside.

Shish kebab from mutton will turn out delicious, if you takePulp from the back leg, loin or cut. A sheep's shovel is not a good choice. And we must remember that the lamb shish kebab must be eaten hot, the reclaimed meat will cease to be so tasty. For shish kebab from pork meat is ideally suited, located along the ridge on the neck - "neck". Meat, cut along the ridge from the back, is also suitable for shish kebab, just do not forget to cut off all the fat. Lean meat from the back for shish kebab is better not to use, otherwise the shish kebab will be tough and not juicy at all.

How to cut meat on a shish kebab?

You decided which meat to take on the barbecue, andEven bought it and brought it home. What's next? It is necessary to properly divide the meat. How to cut meat into a shish kebab? If you took a beef tenderloin for a shish kebab, then it is better to cut the meat across the fibers, it will be easier for you to divide it. And in other cases, the method of cutting (across or along the fibers) is not important. Ideal is a conical shape for pieces of meat on a shish kebab. Although, if you cut meat with squares, the shish kebab will not get any worse from it. The size should be medium, so that the meat is well fried, but it remains juicy. And waiting for the preparation of thick and large pieces of meat will take too long. To approximately

How to cut meat on a shish kebab

To imagine the size of each piece, you needRemember that on a skewer (medium size) should fit 6 pieces of meat. It is more undesirable - the shish kebab turns out to be dry, the slices are thin. The smaller number of pieces on the skewer is also "not good" - wait for a long time, and the meat may not be fried at all. </ P>

How much meat to take on a shish kebab?

When it is planned to go out with friends for kebabs,We are invariably tormented by the question, but how many it is necessary to take meat for shish kebab to a person. Usually take 1/2 kg per person. But if the company has good eaters or does not plan for other food except kebabs, then it is better to change the calculation formula. And take half a kilo of meat for every beautiful lady and a kilogram for every member of the stronger sex (or a lady with an excellent appetite).