How to choose wine

If you are not a hereditary wine maker and do not ownOwn wine cellar, not a restaurateur and not a sommelier, then, probably, sometimes you ask yourself which wine to choose for a particular occasion. It can be a holiday, an evening with friends or at home, a romantic dinner.

Which wine to choose, often depends onOccasion: at a New Year's party or at a wedding it is customary to drink champagne or sparkling wines, everyday ordinary table wine will suit ordinary jubilees, and a vintage wine corresponds to anniversaries. Much depends on the company where you plan to spend time: men prefer dry wines or special ones, such as port wines or Madeira, and ladies often like semisweet or sweet wine, some prefer hardened wines.

What are the wines - we read the label

Wines according to the traditional classification are divided into several categories depending on the parameters.

Depending on the age, the wines are divided into Beaujolais(Wine this year), ordinary (wine can not stand in barrels, immediately after fermentation the drink is sealed in bottles), aged (after fermentation the wine is aged for at least half a year in oak barrels), vintage (not less than one and a half years aging) and collection (not less than 3 years old).

Depending on the wine produced from the grapes, one can distinguish single-grained wines (from one type of grapes) and mixed (several varieties of grapes are used for wine production).

By the amount of sugar, the wines are divided into dry (they haveTart, sourish taste, perhaps with a slight bitterness), semi-dry and semisweet (they have a moderately sweet taste, grape tones are perceived worse than in dry wines), dessert (very sweet wines) and liqueur (the name speaks for itself). Dry wines are the least strong (up to 12 degrees), liquor - the strongest (up to 20 degrees).

In addition, the wines are red, white, pink, sparkling, fizzy and quiet. How to choose a good wine and not get confused in the variety of products presented?

A few tips on choosing a wine

If you decide to look for a bottle of good wine for a while, consider some points.

The place of purchase matters: Guaranteed quality wine can be bought in wine boutiques and specialized stores - in such places they deal only with trusted suppliers and closely monitor the quality of products. By the way, as a rule, a consultant works in such a shop, who will advise how to choose a dry wine, or what kind of white wine to prefer in this period.

The best wines are French, howeverFar from everyone knows how to choose a French wine, and if you do not speak the language of musketeers, look for the word Château on the label. It indicates that the wine is produced under the control of a special

Which wine to choose

Department, is very high-quality.</ P>

The wine determines the snack, and vice versa: To the fish, seafood and chicken breasts traditionally serve white wines (dry or semi-dry), red meat (veal, pork), game and Mediterranean cuisine is better served with red wines. Pink wines are good for light snacks, and strong and special - to cheeses. Therefore, if you have a bottle of white wine, for example, Aligote or Chardonnay, and for dinner it is supposed to serve Greek salad and lamb chops, it is better to clean the white wine to the best case and think about how to choose a red dry wine - it will decorate such a dinner.

Remember: The wines do not like hot food (the burnt tongue does not perceive the whole gamut of tastes), it does not go well with very sharp dishes and does not combine with marinades and pickles - nothing better than a glass of cold vodka has been invented for them. And most importantly: in the throat of wine health, in the glass - a good mood, in the bottle - possible trouble. Be moderate.