How to choose avocado

In modern collections of recipesRecipes are often found, in which the main ingredient is avocado. And everything is so beautifully painted that at least now take and cook, if not for it "but". How to choose a ripe avocado in these books for some reason they do not write. And in vain, because this fruit for our latitudes is exotic and not everyone knows how it should look when it is ripe.

What should be the ripe fruit of avocado?

  1. The choice of avocado begins with a visual inspection. Carefully examine the fruit for dents, cracks, dark spots and other defects. Pay attention to the color of the skin, usually fruits with a darker color, more ripe. But do not forget about the variety of varieties, the color of the peel of avocado can range from dark green to brown. If you see several varieties of avocados on the counter and find it difficult to choose, do not take the largest fruit. Avocados of some varieties (by the way, their skin is dark green) differ quite a large bone. And choosing such a large fruit, you will get much less pulp than if you chose an avocado of a different kind, smaller in size. But obviously, to choose a ripe fruit avocado, focusing only on how it looks impossible, so move on to the next stage.
  2. Lightly press on the fruit if the fruit isSlightly flexes with fingers. But quickly restores its shape, as if springs, then this avocado is ripe. If, after pressing the fruit, its shape does not restore for a long time, then this indicates its over-ripeness. Such a fruit can be risked to acquire, only if you are going to put it into the business immediately, as you bring home. Why take a chance? Because there is a high probability that such a fruit will be inside rotten. But if, after pressing on the fruit, you did not find any reaction on his part - the fruit is firm, it does not spring under the fingers, then you have an unripened avocado. Of course, you can buy it, but only if you want to enjoy its taste in 2-4 days after purchase. It is this much time that will take him to ripen at home.
  3. Also determine the ripeness of the avocado will help usBone. No, it should not be removed directly in the store and subjected to a thorough examination. You just need to shake the fruit slightly near your ears. Heard how the bone taps a little? Great, this avocado is ripe. If the bone remains deaf to your efforts, then this fruit is still green, unripe.
  4. Another definition of ripeness is avocado, you can tear it offIts pedicel. If the place under it is brown, then you have a ripe fruit in your hands. Yellow-green color, together with the hardness of the fruit, speaks of the immaturity of the avocado. Well, if the color of the trace is green and bright, and even the juice appears with a slight pressure, then this fruit is ripe.

How to store avocado?

Ripe avocados can be stored in a refrigerator 2-5Days. Just watch out for this fruit to stay away from bananas and apples. It is best to store the avocados suitable upper shelf of the refrigerator, provided that the fruit does not come into contact with the back of the refrigerator - it will freeze.

How to choose the right avocado, we figured out, but what if we brought home only immature

What should be avocado

(All fruits, like one, were hard) fruit? I'll have to give up the idea to eat the fruit immediately and leave it to ripen. To do this, the fruit should be put in a paper bag or wrapped in paper towels and stored at room temperature, in a dark place, for example, under the bed. Depending on the initial ripeness of the fruit, its ripening will take from 2 to 10 days. True, the process can be accelerated if you put bananas or apples in a package with avocado. The ethylene gas that secrete these fruits will help to ripen the avocado faster. Only in both cases do not forget to check how your avocado is doing, and then risk missing the moment of maturity and get rotten fruit. </ P>